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Drybar Hot Toddy, The Chaser, 100 Proof & Mai Tai Spritzer Reviews

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Drybar Hot Toddy, The Chaser, 100 Proof & Mai Tai Spritzer Reviews

The best thing about this Sunday is that tomorrow is not really Monday. I mean, okay, technically it is, but it’s also a holiday here in Nova Scotia so I don’t have to go into work. Sadly the paper I need to desperately edit feels differently, but I plan to do it at home eating popsicles. Sunday is all about blogging though and I thought I would start off by sharing a few products from my first experience with the brand Drybar. I’ve been testing out the Drybar Hot Toddy, The Chaser, 100 Proof and the Mai Tai Spritzer.

Drybar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant Review

The Drybar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant is a lightweight heat and UV protectant lotion that you apply to your hair prior to using heat so that it can form a barrier that helps prevent damage to your hair. It has a slightly cologne-like fragrance, which I’m not obsessed with but don’t notice once my hair dries.

The lotion quality of Drybar Hot Toddy makes it unique from other heat protectants I’ve used, and as a result I think that it helps soften already-damaged hair in addition to preventing damage. It does mean that this is meant for damp hair, so I still keep a heat protectant spray around when I need something for dry hair, like when I decide to straighten second day hair. However, for most situations this works great.

Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream Review

The Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream is a cream to help tame frizz and add shine to hair. My curly hair is often a tangled mess, so I add product every time I wash it and something like this is perfect for those situations! With my thick, dry hair I apply it mostly to the bottom 2/3rds of my hair and then whatever is left on my hands through the top. However if you have finer hair, definitely follow the instructions to add only a small amount and avoid roots to make sure it doesn’t leave your hair greasy. Do as instructed and you’ll be left with silky, smooth hair.

Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil Review

The Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil is a treatment oil that provides shine and nourishes dry, damaged hair. As I’ve shared in this post, I have hair that tends to be dry and frizzy, and I also use heat products on it, so as much as I was originally quite scared of hair oils they’ve become something I really like to use. The 100 Proof Treatment Oil has a warm, lovely scent and since I only need a couple pumps–and I have a lot of hair–this will pretty much last me forever. This oil lightweight, non-greasy oil really adds softness and shine to my hair. Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray Review

The Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray is  a spray made with natural sea salts to add volume and texture to your hair. This product also has an amazing scent, but my hair is so curly I haven’t had much luck with salt sprays in the past. I didn’t notice a huge difference when using this product. If you’re looking to add volume and texture to hair that doesn’t already have it, you may have better luck with this product. However, it did add some texture to my hair and I’m definitely going to keep trying it out because I do want those beachy waves, my ringlets just refuse to accommodate!

Drybar Hot Toddy, The Chaser, 100 Proof & Mai Tai Spritzer Reviews 2

I definitely enjoyed my first experience with Drybar products. I love the packaging, and there’s a great range of products available depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your hair. Out of the four products I tried my favourite was definitely the 100 Proof Treatment Oil but I’ll be continuing to use all four.

Have you tried Drybar before? Do you have a favourite product? I’m really interested in their Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner and Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots at the moment, since my hair needs all the moisture it can get!

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