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Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry Oil

I have been using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo*, Conditioner*, and Dry Oil* for the last couple weeks, and I have to review them before there is nothing left! My boyfriend is loving this shampoo so much it will definitely be in my May empties if he doesn’t manage to finish it over the next couple days.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 3The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil line is meant to nourish and tame hair, a non-greasy formula with African Macadamia oil for “sublime silkiness”. There are three products that work well individually but even better when combined, as I have definitely discovered is the case with most hair care lines. Sadly I never manage to finish all matching products at the same time. The whole line has the most amazing scent to it, which is mainly why my boyfriend loves it so much, it’s a sweet, slightly nutty scent that is most obvious and delicious with the dry oil itself.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 2The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo is silicone-free, which is super surprising for a regular drugstore shampoo. It is has a pretty thin consistency to it, so I find myself using a decent amount to lather up my hair. That’s probably also partly why we have been going through this product so fast. However I am happy with the results, especially when combined with the result of the line.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 4In contrast to the shampoo, the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner is quite rich and creamy but with the same great scent. There is definitely no issue getting this to lather, and even when I just use the two products together (without the dry oil) I notice that my hair looks and feels pretty silky. I think it does a good job nourishing, but it isn’t heavy, and so people with finer hair than me could likely still use it without any issue.

Dove Pure Care Dry OilAlthough I like both the shampoo and the conditioner, the product I am most obsessed with is the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil that the line itself is named after. It smells SO GOOD. It is also my first time using a hair oil and I was immediately in love. Although it seems like an oil should leave your hair greasy, that is definitely not the case with this one. I use quite a few pumps of the product and I run some through my hair while it is still damp, focusing on the ends. When it dries, my hair is so much shinier and smoother than usually. This really helps with frizz! As a dry oil, you can also apply it on dry hair although I usually don’t, I have tested it and it doesn’t leave it greasy. I’ve also occasionally stolen this as a body oil when I have some left on my hands–it smells so good and doesn’t leave behind any kind of oily residue at all.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil 6Overall, the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil system is a definite success for me. One of the things that is so important for me when using haircare is scent, I really want my hair to smell good afterwards and I find it most relaxing and enjoyable if a product I am using smells great. I also think this line does a fantastic job helping make my frizzy hair smoother and less frizzy, and the star is easily the Dry Oil which I highly recommend picking up.

Do you use any hair oils? Have you tried this line from Dove before?

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