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Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Dior 5 Couleur Splendor in Smoky Sequins and Diorific Lips in Golden & Ravissement Review

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I actually photographed these gorgeous new products from the stunning Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection–launching mid-October–as soon as they arrived, but somehow it’s the night before I’m allowed to share them with you and I’m only now writing this post. Of course, I feel like the photos of the Dior 5 Couleur Splendor in Smoky Sequins as well as the Diorific Lips in Golden and Ravissement mostly speak for themselves, but I’ll give you some of my exciting text to read too.

dior-holiday-2016-splendor-dior-5-couleur-splendor-in-smoky-sequins-swatches-3The Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection is a stunning mix of the classic Dior gold packaging as well as some gold-inspired shades for the lips and nails. It’s a collection about dazzle and splendor, and it’s definitely delivers on that promise. There’s a range of products launching–including a brand new formula for lips and cheeks–and I tried out three of the limited edition products to share with you.

dior-holiday-2016-splendor-dior-5-couleur-splendor-in-smoky-sequins-review dior-5-couleur-splendor-in-smoky-sequins-swatches-and-reviewThe Dior Splendor Dior 5 Couleur Splendor in Smoky Sequins is one of two eyeshadow palettes launching for the holidays. While the other one, Precious Embroidery, focuses on shades of purple (and I can’t wait to see it reviewed!), Smoky Sequins is a mix of smoky silvers, white, and black with a sparkling bronze gold in the centre. The sequin design on the shadows is absolutely stunning although it does wear away, and the formula of all the shades is gorgeous.

dior-holiday-2016-splendor-dior-5-couleur-splendor-in-smoky-sequins-swatchesDior shadows can vary in their intensity (although you can also use them wet) but I love the way that the Dior 5 Couleur Splendor Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky Sequins looks all on its own. These shadows are really creamy and have a lovely depth to them. I used the white shade on the inner corner, the bronze all over the lid and the dark grey in the crease. I’m wearing the same look in the full face photos below. There’s lots of shimmer in this palette and with the darker shades it’s also possible to go quite smoky, so it’s perfect for the holidays.


In addition the eyeshadow palettes, there’s a single Mono Fusion Eye Shadow in the shade Infinity and you can check out my review of this awesome formula from last year here. There’s also 5 polishes, and I have a couple shades to share in an upcoming post, as well as a new Diorific Matte Fluid Cheeks & Lips formula in four different shades, including a purple, Treasure, which is definitely on my wishlist! Finally, there are five lipsticks shades and I have two of them to share. dior-holiday-2016-splendor-diorific-lips-in-golden-ravissement-swatchesThe packaging of the lipsticks in the Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection is the classic holiday Dior lipstick packaging I loved last year as well. With 5 options, there’s a great mix of shades, but one in particular definitely stands out and that’s the Golden shade available. I also have the Diorific Matte Lips in Ravissement, which is a more classic shade.

dior-splendor-diorific-lips-in-golden-review dior-splendor-diorific-lips-in-golden-swatchesI was pretty shocked when I first opened the Dior Splendor Diorific Lips in Golden. This is actually a gold lipstick! This sheer sparkly gold applies evenly with a frosty metallic finish and can be used on its own, or simply dabbed in the centre of the lips. It’s a really stunning shade that’s surprisingly wearable but very unique. I also did not find it gritty or uncomfortable to wear. I’m definitely going to play around with using this shade in combination with other lipsticks, because I think it is really versatile and fun.

dior-splendor-diorific-matte-lips-in-ravissement-swatches dior-splendor-diorific-matte-lips-in-ravissement-reviewThe other shade featured in this post is the Dior Splendor Diorific Lips in Ravissement, a bright matte pink. This is not a classic Holiday shade but it’s really bright, pigmented and lovely and can definitely be worn year round. I don’t find medium pinks to be the most flattering one me, but that’s just personal preference and it is a lovely formula and packaging. These mattes are also really creamy and comfortable to wear, although they can move around a little.

dior-holiday-2016-splendor-dior-5-couleur-splendor-in-smoky-sequins-swatches-2Well, it’s technically Thursday right now but my post is ready to go! I just couldn’t wait a day longer to share the Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection and I’m sure you can see why. Dior always goes all-out for the Holidays and this year is no exception. The eyeshadows are gorgeous but I definitely think the standout piece I tried is the Diorific Lips in Golden.

What do you think of this Dior Splendor sneak peek? Let me know if there’s anything on your wishlist and you should be able to find it very soon at Dior counters nationwide.

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