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DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff

I started listening to the audiobook of DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff last year but between expired library loans and not a whole lot of interest it took me about six months to finally finish it. I really enjoyed LIFEL1K3, the first book in this young adult science fiction trilogy about a girl, Eve, who goes on the run with an android boy, Ezekiel, her best friend Lemon Fresh, and a robotic sidekick, Cricket. I don’t want to offer any spoilers on the first book, but it ends with a huge twist and DEV1AT3 picks up soon afterwards.

Kristoff’s writing is a bit wacky and the world is complex but well-done. I also really like the audiobook. The issue is that DEV1AT3 flips to a different perspective, which I thought I’d enjoy but didn’t love, and it just doesn’t have the same intensity as book one. It definitely suffers from classic middle book syndrome. A whole bunch of new characters are introduced, who I had varying interest in, and I missed having the whole crew together. I’m glad I decided it pick DEV1AT3 up again to finish listening even if I wasn’t blown away, but I’m really hoping things ramp up for the finale, TRUEL1FE when it releases in June.

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