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Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection 6Yesterday I shared my scent memory and thoughts on Demeter Mulled Cider, and today I’m back with the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection*. It includes three different formats for you to get your fragrance fix, as well as a brand new 2014 scent, Log Cabin.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection  7The really cool thing about Demeter fragrances is that 95% of their ingredients are from natural or renewable resources, because they use the real thing in their scents whenever possible–which is exactly why they smell so authentic. There’s also no artificial colours, no binders, no phthalates and only alcohol naturally fermented from corn. Demeter takes one scent, and distill it down to the very essence, which means that it really triggers your memories associated with that scent.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection 5The scents in the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection are perfect for using around your house, or even on your body, during the holiday season and they do a fantastic job triggering those scent memories. I was able to try out the Demeter Snow Atmosphere Diffuser Oil, the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collectors Edition Set, and the Demeter Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Winter Wonderland.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection  3I shared my thoughts on Demeter Snow back in March–when I was actually home on a snow day with an ongoing blizzard. For me, Demeter Snow smells wet, cool, and a little muddy, so it reminds me of coming in from playing outside as a kid, with my boots wet and snow creeping into my gloves. I find it to be more of a damp scent, and for pure iciness I prefer the cool, clean scent of Demeter Frozen Pond, which I also reviewed last winter.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection  2Demeter Holiday 2014 Collectors Edition Set includes Log Cabin, Fireplace and Christmas Tree scents from the brand. Demeter Log Cabin is a brand new scent from the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection, and it’s a musky, woody scent that is both smokey and a little sweet, like a cabin with a fire inside. The scent of a log cabin isn’t as straightforward to capture as a flower or baked good, but somehow Demeter manages it perfectly with this scent which combines Texas Cedar, Virginia Cedar and Oak Moss.

I shared my thoughts on Demeter Fireplace last winter, and I think it is a great choice for this trio to help recreate that cabin-in-the-woods at Christmas time feeling. I described it as more of the scent of a fire that has burned down quite a lot, which reminds me of the way our house smelled on a winter’s night after we’d stopped adding wood to the fireplace in our basement. My mom loved having fires, so it was definitely a winter ritual.

If you asked for my favourite out of the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collectors Edition Set, it would be an easy choice–the final scent in the trio is Demeter Christmas Tree, and it smells amazing. Growing up, I never experienced a real Christmas tree, but my boyfriend’s family has one and the first time I smelled it I was in love. With this scent, it’s almost like bringing winter inside, the crisp air, pine needles, mint, a hint of orange. All that, without the mess or space required for a real tree! I will definitely continue to spray this around our apartment for the rest of the season.

Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection  4In addition to Log Cabin and Snow, which I’ve already talked about in this post, the Demeter Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Winter Wonderland includes mini vials of the scents Mulled Cider and Sugar Cookie. I reviewed Mulled Cider yesterday, and Sugar Cookie last year. I love both those scents, and I’ve actually finished two full bottles of Sugar Cookie. Sugar Cookie smells like the sweet dough, with a strong amount of almond extract, while Mulled Cider perfectly captures that fresh-off-the-stove scent of cinnamon and apples.

If you’re planning to apply these fragrances to your skin, then these little vials are perfect, and 15 mL will actually last quite awhile. As the name says, this would also make a great stocking stuffer and an awesome way to sample some of the fragrances in the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection.

Demeter Holiday 2014 CollectionDemeter Holiday 2014 Collection is filled with Christmas trees, log cabins, snow, sugar cookies, mulled cider and a fireplace. There are little bottles, big bottles, diffuser oils. You can even combine the scents however you want–I love Mulled Cider and Christmas Tree together. There are so many unique possibilities with Demeter, and I love the memories the scents bring back.

Is there a specific scent you associate with the holidays? What is it? I bet Demeter has it bottled!

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