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Demeter Fragrance Zombie Dog, Zombie for Her, and Zombie for Him

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demeter-fragrance-zombie-dog-zombie-for-her-and-zombie-for-him-3Today’s post features some very strange scents, but given that Halloween is approaching I just had to share these weird and unique options from the always innovative brand, Demeter Fragrance. The Demeter Fragrance Zombie Trio includes Zombie Dog, Zombie for Her and Zombie for Him. There’s a zombie scent for the whole family!

demeter-fragrance-zombie-for-himDemeter Fragrance Zombie Dog is a mix of forest scents like rotting trees, mushrooms, mildew and earth, but blended with something totally unique–SMOKED BACON. No, I’m not kidding, and yes, you can really smell the bacon. Honestly, despite the wet leaves musky undertone, this one made me kinda hungry…for brains.

demeter-fragrance-zombie-dog-zombie-for-her-and-zombie-for-himDemeter Fragrance Zombie for Her is similar to Zombie Dog, but instead of bacon it’s a mix of mushrooms, forest, earth and a fruity wine sweetness. Honestly, this sweet earthy scent is actually wearable, just not edible so try not to spray it in your mouth like I did…

demeter-fragrance-zombie-dog-zombie-for-her-and-zombie-for-him-2Finally, there’s Demeter Fragrance Zombie for Him, the most zombie of them all. It’s a straight out mix of all things dead and dying, a blend of vegetation, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth. There’s still something a little sweet and musky about this–it’s the zombie scent you didn’t know you needed, until now.

demeter-fragrance-zombie-for-her-and-zombie-for-himThe Demeter Fragrance Zombie Dog, Zombie for Her, and Zombie for Him are all a lot of fun. These scents are back for a limited time, and being sold both individually and as a trio (you can find them here). I actually think my favourite is Zombie Dog, because I just can’t get over that bacon scent and I can’t believe Demeter Fragrance doesn’t have a solo bacon scent because…it’s desperately needed. In the meantime, you can get your bacon and zombie fix with this innovative trio of scents. But act quick, because who knows if these fragrances will rise from the dead to return again next year…

What do you think of a zombie fragrance? What about bacon perfume?

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