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Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe: Pistachio, Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe 6Demeter Fragrance sets are a great way to experience a few of the brands amazing and unique sets in a themed collection. I’ve shared a few of these before such as a Mother’s Day Bouquet and a Sanrio Collection, and today I’m back with a trio of sweet scents from the Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe*.

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe 4The Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe includes three ice cream scents which are Pistachio Ice Cream,  Strawberry Ice Cream and of course the classic Vanilla Ice Cream. However, is it just me, or are they missing chocolate? Although the set itself is only available for sale online, Canadians can still grab Demeter Fragrance Vanilla Ice Cream at your local Loblaws.

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe 3The first scent in the Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe is a brand new one that was released for July, which is National Ice Cream Month. Unfortunately, I’m a bit late in sharing Demeter Fragrance Pistachio Ice Cream but there’s really no reason you can’t enjoy it year-round. This is a sweet, nutty and creamy fragrance that smells delicious without being obviously food like some of the brand’s scents (there’s no escaping pizza…). Lasting power was three to four hours on me. This was actual my surprise favourite of the Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe set!

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop ShoppeDemeter Fragrance Strawberry Ice Cream is a sweet strawberry and milk fragrance that reminds me quite a bit of the Strawberry Quick you maybe used to get when you were a kid unless I am just really old. I actually never liked it, or strawberry ice cream, as I found it too artificial, but I do think this scent captures it well. It’s definitely strawberry ice cream and not real strawberries, but I think it makes a great summery scent although with a lasting power of about three hours you would have to freshen it up on occasion.

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe 2The final scent in the Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe set is Demeter Fragrance Vanilla Ice Cream. I love vanilla, and my boyfriend is an even bigger fan, so I have tried a few different versions of it from Demeter before. This one is definitely less bakery vanilla, and I prefer Demeter Fragrance Vanilla Cookie Dough instead. The scent of this one is like a strong vanilla extract with something almost like almond extract to it, rather than the creamy notes of the other two fragrances. I honestly wanted something a little more milky. Lasting power is three to four hours.

Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe 5If you’re looking for an ice cream scent fix, it’s definitely worth checking out Demeter Fragrance Virtual Scoop Shoppe. My personal favourite is definitely Demeter Fragrance Pistachio Ice Cream, but you can always count on Demeter for unique and realistic scents… I have a few more weird ones coming up (can anyone say Suntan Lotion and Swimming Pool?)

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD).

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