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Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion

Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion 3The weather might be starting to cool down–unless you live somewhere it’s not and I hate you just a little bit–but you can still capture that memory of summertime with Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion*.

Demeter Fragrance Suntan LotionUnfortunately, if Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion smells like the real thing then I never want to apply sunscreen again. Usually the brand does a fantastic and accurate job capturing scents, and I honestly expected something coconutty and tropical but this fragrance is far from that. I’m honestly not sure what this is supposed to smell like, it’s quite sharp and apparently includes orange blossom which explains the white floral elements but the end result gives me a bit of a headache.

Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion 2On me Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion lasts around two hours, not that I will be using it again. I’m sorry to be harsh on this fragrance because there are loads from the brand that I love, but I’m always honest and this one is a huge miss for me.

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD).

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