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Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection I: Hello Kitty, My Melody & Little Twin Stars

Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection IIn addition their “normal” (I use quotation marks, because it’s a weird description to give to things like a pizza perfume) scents Demeter Fragrance has also done some collaborations, and one of those was with Sanrio. The Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection I* comes with three of the six Sanrio character scents, which are Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars each in their popular 30 mL cologne spray format.

Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection I 3I own a lot (A LOT) of Demeter Fragrance scents, but many of them are designed around a single scent captured really well, however with the Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection I, it’s a bit different. Each of these is a sweet and often fruity scent based around the characters’ personality, which I think is pretty cool but of course the best part is they smell great.

Demeter Fragrance Hello KittyDemeter Fragrance Hello Kitty: This scent was inspired by what Hello Kitty loves best– eating apple pie! Apparently Hello Kitty also is as tall as five apples, and weighs the same as three apples. So of course her signature scent is a combination of red, green and yellow freshly picked apples. The end result is a fresh and very juicy scent with poor lasting power–I only got about an hour–however it smells delicious. This is a pretty sweet scent, which is exactly what I’d expect from Hello Kitty, however there’s a hint of tang to it that just makes it extra refreshing. Demeter Fragrance Hello Kitty reminds me of green sour apple and I love it, I just wish it lasted longer.

Demeter Fragrance My MelodyDemeter Fragrance My Melody: The smell associated with My Melody is almond pound cake, and that’s exactly what this smells like. It really reminds me of the almond extract type scent of Demeter Fragrance Almond, which I found a bit overpowering then and feel the same way here. There’s a bit more vanilla in this scent, but it’s still a scent I prefer as a room spray. The lasting power is about an hour or two on me, but unfortunately it’s just not a scent I feel comfortable wearing because it’s too strong.

Demeter Fragrance Little Twin StarsDemeter Fragrance Little Twin Stars: This one is my favourite of three, because it has a great scent as well as the best lasting power (about 5 to 6 hours). Demeter Fragrance Little Twin Stars is a juicy citrus scent, and the inspiraton is a bit less obvious, but basically it’s meant to represent the origin and mission of the Little Twin Stars who arrived on earth and have been spreading happiness. The scent really captures a mix of citrus but the main note reminds me of sweet pineapple juice although there are other citrus notes like orange in it as well. This is a perfect fruity summer fragrance.

Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection I 2I think the Demeter Fragrance Sanrio Collection is a really fun idea with some tasty scents! My favourite is definitely Little Twin Stars, but there’s a Collection II that includes Badtz Maru, Chococat and a Sanrio 50th Anniversary scent (inspired by the store!) that I am definitely interested in testing as well.

Were you a Hello Kitty fan? I still own a ton of HK stationary from a childhood phase. Might not be a dog but still so cute!

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