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Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap

Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap 3I’m slacking again on my fragrance reviews! Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap* showed up as a part of a trio of clean scents but I decided to give its own time/post on the blog first. Demeter has a huge crazy variety of fragrances, and while loads of them are lovely on the skin, there’s also quite a few that work better as room sprays. I’m not sure where exactly Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap falls.

Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap 2Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap reminds me of traditional Dove or Ivory soap, like you have just gotten out of the shower, and lasts 3 to 4 hours on the skin. While you could definitely get away with wearing this as a fragrance, I would probably layer it with something else for a more complicated and slightly less strictly soapy scent. However, I have a lot of perfumes I love already and I will probably stick to using this as a room spray.

Demeter Fragrance Pure SoapJust as I’ve come to expect from the brand, Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap is exactly what the fragrance says. It’s a clean, fresh scent that I’ll be happy to use to keep my bathroom smelling soapy clean!

How do you feel about a soap scent? Would you wear Demeter Fragrance Pure Soap?

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