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Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air

Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air 3

In case I haven’t mentioned it a trillion times already–or maybe you haven’t read those trillion blog posts, TRAITOR–I’m home in Montreal for the week. I am writing this post in advance, and right now there is…no snow. But assuming the weather cooperates, I am really hoping to go skiing while I’m here, so I thought it was a good time to share the Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air*.

Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air 2

The Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air is inspired by Demeter’s CEO Mark Crames visit to Alaska. This scent blends crisp, cool air with fresh green foliage. It feels like reaching the top of a mountain on a crisp bring day, just as everything is starting to grow and there is dew in the air and the ground is a little damp. It’s the moment before a storm. While the scent is more green than I expected, the end result is clean and refreshing. The scent lasts 2-3 hours before fading.

Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air

While I hope I’ll be breathing in the real thing soon, in the meantime I’m definitely enjoying the Demeter Fragrance Mountain Air. Although you could blend this scent with a sweeter one, I love how fresh and crisp it is on its own, like a big gulp of mountain air.

What would mountain air smell like to you?

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