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Demeter Fragrance Linen

Demeter Fragrance Linen 2

Does a clean, crisp scent–like fresh sheets on your bed–appeal to you? If so, keep reading because I recently tried out Demeter Fragrance Linen* and that’s exactly what it smells like. Demeter Fragrance LinenIt’s hard for me to say if Demeter Fragrance Linen really smells like linen, because I’m not quite sure what that scent is. I will say it’s a very fresh, crisp scent which actually reminds me a bit of a very clean room. I definitely think this is more of a summery scent, and I prefer it as a room spray–or blended with another scent, to help tone down how crisp and clean it is and add a little softness. I bet it would be lovely blended with Demeter Fragrance Baby Powder, for example.

Demeter Fragrance Linen 3Demeter Fragrance Linen lasted about 3 hours before fading. While I prefer the sweet or fruity, if you love super clean scents this one is definitely worth checking out. What does Linen smell like to you?

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