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Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue

Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue 3

I’ve been trying to schedule a Demeter Fragrance review once a week, usually on Fridays. Have you noticed? Let me know what you think of the tradition, given that there are over 300 scents from the brand, I don’t think I’ll run out any time soon. This week there’s a scent I was incredibly excited for, Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue*, which is a bit funny considering I don’t actually like the pie…But I just love lemon fragrances so much!

Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue 2

As much as I adore lemon scents, what makes Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue so delicious is that it’s not just lemon. There’s the fresh zest of lemon curd mixed with the sweet, creamy, whipped meringue and vanilla. This scent is so edible and now ranks with Demeter Fragrance Sugar Cookie as one of my favourites to use as a room spray.

I compared Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue to Demeter Fragrance Sunshine, which is one of my favourites from the brand, and it definitely has a much stronger lemon curd scent and less light lemon laundry. It’s also much more edible (gourmand) than Sunshine, but it can definitely also work as a perfume. You could even try mixing it with something a little muskier to tone down the sweetness. I mean, I’m perfectly happy to smell like pie all the time…

Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue

The Demeter Fragrance Lemon Meringue lasts several hours on me before fading, but the real punchy scent only lasts about 2 hours. Then I am probably going to reapply to get the full burst of deliciousness!

If smelling like Lemon Meringue isn’t enough, Demeter also has Pumpkin Pie, Blackberry Pie, and coming soon to this blog, Apple Pie. Okay I’m hungry now.

If you could bottle the scent of any pie, what would it be? Personally, I’m wondering why Demeter doesn’t have a rhubarb scent yet…

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