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Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending 6I don’t even know how many dozens of fragrances from Demeter Fragrance I’ve reviewed on Writing Whimsy over the years but today’s post features something brand new and very exciting from the brand, the Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending Kits. This is a really cool concept where you can purchase fragrance duos or trios and blend them together to create your own custom scent. Given that Demeter is known for their ‘singular’ scents, it’s really a perfect brand for fragrance blending.

As a part of an awesome Canadian Beauty Blogger Network campaign, I received the Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending Duo in Grass & Dirt* as well as the Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Base Note Trio in Vanilla*.

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending 3The Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending Duo in Grass & Dirt comes with both fragrances as well as an empty bottle for mixing your own scent, a funnel and several droppers. It’s really fun as it gives you a chance to play mad scientist with the beauty products, which is always something I love!

The Demeter Fragrance in Grass is a fresh, green scent with a sweetness to it that really reminds me of a clean, warm summer day. The Demeter Fragrance in Dirt is a sweet, woodsy fragrance with a hint of musk to it like fresh dry earth in the woods. Honestly, I wasn’t sure about either scent as a perfume before they arrived, because sometimes Demeter makes really unique scents I’m not quite sure what to do with (like Pizza) but these are both completely wearable. Together, it’s exactly what you would expect, a warm earthy summer day with fresh cut grass, but my personal preference is to blend these with one of the other scents I received.

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending 2I’ll let you in on a secret, when it came to the CBB Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending campaign I had the honour of picking the fragrance trio that everyone would receive, and I instantly went for the Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Base Note Trio in Vanilla. I just love vanilla so much and I was pretty excited about this set that included Angel Food, Gingerbread and Hawaiian Vanilla fragrances. It also came with a bunch of strips of paper to test out the blends.

The Demeter Fragrance in Angel Food is  a sugary vanilla scent which I actually have a full review of here, from back in 2013. It’s a really sweet scent that I preferred to use as a room spray, until I started blending! The Demeter Fragrance in Gingerbread is definitely a new favourite of mine, it’s smells like vanilla icing with a hint of spice and it definitely reminds me of gingerbread cookies. It’s a strong scent but it’s delicious. Finally, the Demeter Fragrance in Hawaiian Vanilla is a sweet mixture of vanilla with a light floral note to it, and it’s definitely something I would wear as a fragrance on its own.

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending 5When it comes to Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending, I actually prefer to mix the duo and trio I received together. The fragrances in the Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Base Note Trio in Vanilla are all quite sweet, and blending them together becomes a little overpowering for me. It makes sense given that they are all base notes which should be mixed with a middle note (like florals, spice and green scents) as well as a top note (like clean, citrus and water) for a complete fragrance. Check out this helpful Demeter diagram for more details. However, these vanilla scents are perfect mixed with Dirt or Grass, because of the earthy freshness those fragrances provide. Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending 4I tried all kinds of combinations, but I figured two in particular I really loved with you. The first one is a blend of Hawaiian Vanilla and Grass. This is a fresh, bright scent with a light sweetness. It is really a happy, bright day scent.

The second unexpected combination that I really enjoy is Dirt and Angel Food. I never thought I’d say that! Angel Food is such a sweet scent that the mustiness of Dirt really helps tone it down for something. To me this scent is like having a cake on a picnic in the forest.

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof BlendingWith over 300 fragrances, I’m never going to become bored with Demeter Fragrance scents. That said, if you consider the blending possibilities…I don’t even want to try to do the math on the number of possible fragrances you could create!

Have you ever blended your own scent before? Make sure to check out other CBB blending experiences here.

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