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Demeter Fragrance Destination Set: Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand & Cuba

Demeter Fragrance Destination Set 4It’s amazing how easily a scent can take you back to a specific moment or place, and that’s exactly what Demeter Fragrance has worked to capture in their collection of Destination fragrances. So far the scents Great Barrier Reef*, New Zealand* and Cuba* are available, and although I haven’t been to any of those places (yet!) I was excited to take a journey there through scent.

Demeter Fragrance Destination Set 2Demeter Fragrance Destination scents are available individually or as the Demeter Fragrance Destination Set that I have. They have their own unique, map labels which give the classic packaging a slightly more rustic feel. Each fragrance contains 30 mL.

Demeter Fragrance Great Barrier ReefDemeter Fragrance in Great Barrier Reef is a fresh watery scent inspired by the Northeastern coast of Australia. Elements of the fragrance remind me of Demeter Salt Air, there is that fresh ocean saltiness, but it blends with something warm and a little powdery, a slight sweetness from the coral. This is a scent inspired by a single place, but it is complex. It makes me think of warm beaches, clear water and fresh air.

Demeter Fragrance New ZealandDemeter Fragrance in New Zealand is an outdoorsy scent inspired by the lowland rainforests of southwestern New Zealand. This scent blends the scent of clean rain, damp soil, and fresh green foliage. There’s something both earthy and fresh about this fragrance, which is quite heavy on the green notes. I have never been to New Zealand, but I have been to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, and this scent reminds me of that a bit, of the way the earth smells damp and new.

Demeter Fragrance CubaDemeter Fragrance in Cuba is a a scent inspired by the Havana nightlife. This is a very warm, rich and spicy fragrance. It has sweet sugar cane mixed with tobacco and spices. This is the kind of scent you could imagine a mysterious man or woman wearing at night. While the other two fragrances in the Demeter Fragrance Destination Set are very much about the outdoors, this one has a hint of smokiness to it blended with warm and sweet notes that makes me think of being in a nightclub in an exotic city–even if that’s not something I’ve experienced firsthand!

Demeter Fragrance Destination Set 3I had a lot of fun trying out the Demeter Fragrance Destination Set and it definitely transported me to some places I had never been! I think this is a really cool idea for a fragrance line and I can’t wait to see if any more are released. I’d love to see a rural Nova Scotia scent next ; ) It would smell like apples and ocean!

Have you ever been to the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, or Cuba? What did they smell like?

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