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Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin

I am almost at the end of my spring haul for Demeter scents (you can see it on Instagram here) and since the last one isn’t actually spring at all (spoiler: it’s Pizza) the last real one I’ll be reviewing for now is Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin*.
Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin 3Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin is meant to be a scent that smells natural, like yourself only better, and for that reason it is definitely subtle. It’s a light citrus mix with a hint of peach, lemon, and vanilla. There is the lightest touch of rose in it. This fragrance smells like skin after a bubble bath and a warm, clean towel.

Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin 2Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin is not super strong, and it sits close to the skin–or in perfume speak, has soft to moderate silage. But that’s perfect for this kind of scent, since in order for it to feel natural you don’t want to bombard everyone the second you walk in a room. In terms of lasting power, it wears for about 2-3 hours on me, although there is still some faint hint left behind afterwards.

Demeter Fragrance Clean SkinIf you’re looking for a natural scent, or something easy to wear in an office environment where you can’t put on anything too strong, I definitely recommend checking out Demeter Fragrance Clean Skin. I feel like this is the perfume version of “no makeup makeup”. It might not last all day, but is easy and lovely to wear.

Can you wear scents to work? How important is silage to you in a scent?

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD).

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