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Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun Atmosphere Diffuser Oil Review

This is my last review from the batch of scented goodies, and it’s for Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun Atmosphere Diffuser Oil*. It’s actually been quite awhile since I reviewed the other Demeter products, but I really wanted to give this one a full chance and by now I feel like it’s had one.
demeter fragrance Cinnamon Bun

While the other Demeter Fragrance products I reviewed (click here to check them out) were colognes, Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun is an Atmosphere Diffuser Oil, which is basically a container of scented oil that you put reeds in and it makes your room smell all kinds of lovely. At least, that’s the plan.

demeter fragrance Cinnamon Bun  2

Now, first off, my complaint is actually with the scent. It’s probably pretty obvious if you read my other fragrance reviews but I love yummy, bakery smells, and Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun is definitely ones of those. It manages to perfectly combine spicy cinnamon, sugar, and even the icing you would get on a cinnamon bun. Delicious!

demeter fragrance Cinnamon Bun 3

The problem might be that Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun isn’t a super strong scent, but I don’t usually have much success with reed diffusers sadly, I generally go for candles or room sprays instead. I did not find this made my entire room smell. However, I have a really big living room/kitchen/open concept, so I moved it to the bathroom instead. There’s was a hint of a scent, but it definitely wasn’t to the level I expected, and my boyfriend thought a couple of the reeds were going a bit moldy so we tossed those ones out and moved it back to the living room instead.

demeter fragrance Cinnamon Bun 4

I could imagine this might work in a small room, and it’s really long lasting. I’ve had mine for over a month and there’s only a small dent gone. At this rate it’ll probably last at least half a year (and maybe that’s part of the problem and it’s not dispersing enough of the oil into the air at a time, though like I said, I’ve had this problem with other brands too.) That said, although Demeter Fragrance Cinnamon Bun Atmosphere Diffuser Oil is not for me, the scent definitely is and I recommend checking it out as I think it would be great for the holidays.

How do you find reed diffusers? Do you like them more than I do?

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD)

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