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Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper

Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper

Well, I missed last Friday but I’m back again with another Demeter Fragrance in a scent I honestly never thought I’d see in a perfume–but that’s often the case with Demeter! I was quite curious about the Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper* scent. What’s are Chipotle peppers? They are actually late season Jalapeno Peppers, smoked for several days so that 10 pounds of Jalapenos make 1 pound of Chipotle! What a productive Friday, you may have already learned something…

Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper 2

The Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper has a sweet, earthy, musky scent with a subtle hint of spice. It’s actually surprisingly fresh, not the sort of bold spicy scent that might first come to mind. It’s definitely a cold weather scent, woodsy and warm. It’s one of the harder ones I’ve had to describe, but I think it would be a good one to blend and tone down a sweeter scent.

Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper 3

The lasting power of Demeter Fragrance Chipotle Pepper is pretty short, after a couple of hours it fades except close to the skin. If you are looking for a cozy scent with a hint of fresh air, without the heavy sweetness so many of them have, this is one worth experimenting with. If not, there’s probably something else in Demeter’s 300+ fragrance library! My current favourite? Definitely Lemon Meringue.

What does a Chipotle Pepper smell like to you?

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