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Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea

Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea 3The problem with trying to schedule posts before you actually book plane tickets is not knowing exactly where you’ll be when a particular review goes live. However, given that the conference I’m attending in California starts today, well, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there! Which is why I had to share the Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea*–I mean, the Pacific Ocean is close enough, right?
Demeter Fragrance Caribbean SeaDemeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea is a sweet aquatic scent with a light saltiness to it. This is a softer scent with a white floral undertone that’s just like wading into the water when it is calm on a warm day. The only time I’ve been to the Caribbean, the water was like that, much gentler than the Atlantic. Although I prefer some Demeter fragrances as room sprays, Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea is definitely a wearable scent and it lasts about 4 hours before fading.

Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea 2While not everyone is as lucky as me to be off in the sunshine this January, you can recreate a little of that warmth at home with the Demeter Fragrance Caribbean Sea. I think this is a unique take on the aquatic fragrance and now I just want to float in the ocean on a sunny day!

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