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Demeter Fragrance Caramel Review

Oh, I just love yummy scents like Demeter Fragrance Caramel*. There are lots of other types of perfumes I can enjoy, but my true heart belongs to the sweet ones and this one definitely qualifies! Demeter Fragrance Caramel

Here’s the official blip on Demeter Fragrance Caramel (this one is definitely a lot less long-winded than some of the others!):

Caramel candy was an 18th century American invention, related to the English toffee. There are no clear origins for caramel, but the recipe has remained consistent and simple: sugar and corn syrup cooked to the proper consistency.

Demeter’s caramel perfectly captures the essence of the candy-deep, rich, sweet, syrupy and sensual. No more need be said.


My Demeter Fragrance Caramel comes in a 30 mL bottle that retails for $20, although there are options as cheap as $6. All their scents are available online–– and there are a lot of them!

So what do I love so much about this scent? It’s a rich, sweet scent with a hint of almost burnt sugar to it that darkens it, especially when sprayed on my skin. It’s a sticky candy scent that reminds me of real caramel warming on the stove. It’s foody without smelling artificial or like chemicals. I am curious how Demeter Fragrance Caramel compares to their maple syrup scent, as I can see why some reviewers might think they are similar, but there’s an edge to this one that still makes it feel caramel to me rather than the pure sweetness of maple.

Demeter Fragrance Caramel 3

I was incredibly impressed with how long Demeter Fragrance Caramel lasted, because although I love Demeter, I do find some of their scents need to be reapplied. Not a big deal with the travel-friendly bottles, but if there’s a way to make it last longer, why not? Anyway I discovered this by accident because while I had been tested Demeter on my wrists, I felt like there was still a linger scent from Demeter Fragrance Condensed Milk and decided to spray my neck instead. In the process I got some of my shirt, and it still smelled like caramel fifteen hours later. Wow. The scent was long-lasting on my skin as well, probably the longest-lasting Demeter I’ve tried so far, but spraying it on fabric extended that even further.

Demeter Fragrance Caramel 2

Overall, Demeter Fragrance Caramel is an incredibly long-lasting, sweet and delicious scent that smells edible on the skin but will also make a great room spray this December.

How do you feel about scents that smell like food?

*PR Sample

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD)

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