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Demeter Fragrance Bamboo

Demeter Fragrance BambooOh I missed you strange and unusual but always intriguing scents, and I have a fun and eclectic batch to share over the next week or two, starting with Demeter Fragrance Bamboo*.

Demeter Fragrance Bamboo 3Demeter Fragrance Bamboo is a green, fresh scent lasting around two hours on my skin. It almost reminds me of summer rain as it has a light, clean scent that’s perfect for daytime wear. It’s cooling and a bit sweet. This is a great scent for summer and almost a way to wear a floral without wearing a floral.

Demeter Fragrance Bamboo 2Demeter Fragrance Bamboo isn’t long-lasting but offers a fresh, light green scent that smells pristine. I don’t know if bamboo smells this way, but if it does, it must be lovely.

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD).

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