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Demeter Fragrance Amber

It’s been a little while since a Demeter review but I actually still have a couple to share with you, starting with Demeter Fragrance Amber*, a spicy evening scent.

1-Demeter Fragrance Amber 3

Back when I first started Writing Whimsy one of the products I was working tiredlessly to finish was a massive body spray from Bath and Body Works in the scent Sensual Amber. You can see it in my September empties here. Although that scent turned to smelling a lot like alcohol by the end, there was definitely something about amber that attracted me. It’s a bit mature and warm and musky and smells like night time and something a bit exotic or spicy, which is exactly what Demeter Fragrance Amber captures.

1-Demeter Fragrance Amber

Although I wouldn’t wear Demeter Fragrance Amber during the summertime, I think it is a great winter scent in particular if you want to layer your scents as on its own this only lasts about 3 hours for me although the bottle is very cute and portable for refreshing. This scent might be really nice in combination with a vanilla scent for example, since there is almost a vanilla undertone to it. As it fades, there’s something a bit powdery and warm about the fragrance.

1-Demeter Fragrance Amber 2 Although I need a bit of an amber break after finishing my massive BBW bottle, if you are looking for a realistic amber scent to wear either alone or layered, I do recommend checking out Demeter Fragrance Amber.

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD)

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