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Demeter Fragrance Almond

You guys are getting a glimpse into my weird mind. When selecting spring scents, earlier this week I shared baby powder and apple blossom and today I have Demeter Fragrance Almond*. Cause almond just seemed like it would be fresh and nutty, okay? And tasty. So tasty.
Demeter Fragrance AlmondDemeter Fragrance Almond is actually much sweeter than I expected, it is more like a sweet almond cookie than just a strict nutty scent. It’s almost like almond extract, or candied roasted almonds. It’s not bad, but it is definitely less spring than the last two scents I featured, and it reminds me more of something warm and cozy. This is more baking with almonds than fresh.

Demeter Fragrance Almond 2Demeter Fragrance Almond is intense enough that I feel like it works best as a room spray for me, cause it really fills that air with that sweet scent which lingers for quite awhile. On my skin, I get about 4 hours of wear or so, and I am more comfortable with the scent by the end of that. Like all Demeter scents, you can also layer it with something else to combine for your own unique fragrance.

Demeter Fragrance Almond 3Overall, Demeter Fragrance Almond is a sweet scent I’ll be happy to use as a room spray but it’s a bit too much for me on my body. I actually really love how this smells after a couple hours, but the initial spray is just too much for me. However if you’re looking for an almond extract type scent, either to wear alone or to layer with other scents, this is perfect.

What nut would you most like to smell like? Demeter Fragrance also has a Macadamia Nut which sounds amazing!

Demeter 30mL Cologne Sprays are available exclusively at select Loblaw banner store locations including The Real Canadian Superstore for $15.00 (CAD).

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