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December 2015 Empties

December 2015 Empties 6

It’s finally here! If you’re reading this post, it means I’ve finished up my December 2015 Empties and I am ALL CAUGHT UP ON EMPTIES POSTS. At least until the end of the month. I had to photograph and write this post before the end of December because I was traveling, so there may be a few bonus December products making their way into the January post, but this will definitely be the majority.

December 2015 Empties 4

First up in my December 2015 Empties is the haircare. My boyfriend goes through a ton of shampoo and this time I shared (a little) in the Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Shampoo which has a really delicious pomegranate scent. I also finished my bottle of NIOXIN Scalp Therapy 6 Conditioner*, which makes the first time ever finishing conditioner before shampoo. I definitely saw results in the thickness of my hair using the NIOXIN Hair System. The Got2B Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm was my heat protectant, and it did the job as far as I can tell but right now I have something else. Finally, the Avon Advance Techniques Reconstruction 7 Damage Rehab Treatment* seemed help my hair.

December 2015 Empties

It’s not an empties without Lush, but the only product I used up in December was the Lush Stardust Bath Bomb* which was quite lovely but not the most exciting product from the brand. I finally finished an eye cream, which was the Michael Todd Intensive Organic Cream Eye Treatment, and I was not a huge fan. The applicator was annoying and near the end eye cream just sometimes sprayed out at me. I didn’t see any incredible results either.

I always mean to use up samples and don’t, but I did finally use this super old The Body Dell Palm Springs Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion* and it was a lotion with an okay scent. The Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance Concentrate* did seem to brighten my skin, and the Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Protein Shot* definitely moisturized my hair. I also enjoyed THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Sparkling Wine* and definitely need to do face masks more often.

December 2015 Empties 5

For an example of a product grew to hate after reviewing it, there’s the Moroccanoil Body Buff in Fleur de Rose*. The scent was lovely, the packaging was super fancy, but the product just didn’t exfoliate well and I often ended up with pieces of sand still on my body and stuck to my shower.

Between the Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Gingerbread Candle and the Avon Whipped Pumpkin Candle*–both of which I loved–I seem to have burned a lot of pumpkin for December. I haven’t bought any new candles since the summer though and I’ve only got a handful left!

December 2015 Empties 3

I swear I did things besides drink tea in December, but based on my December 2015 Empties you wouldn’t know it. You would know how tired I was since I finished 3 different 100 gram tins of matcha. That’s a lot of matcha and I loved DAVIDsTEA Peach Matcha (sadly no longer available) as well as DAVIDsTEA Mocha Matcha in lattes, and DAVIDsTEA Ceremonial Matcha (whoops, washed my tin and the label disappeared) in smoothies.

I also finished my DAVIDsTEA Long Life Oolong Tea which was lovely with the peach and almond, but not one I’m rushing to repurchase. I am sad to be done with DAVIDsTEA Sunny Citrus which made a great iced tea, but happy to have a less ridiculous tea stash.

December 2015 Empties 2

In addition to all those tins, I even finished a few more bags of tea. I still haven’t touch my 250 gram bag of DAVIDsTEA Maple Sugar, but I did drink this little bag and I’m not sick of it yet. I also picked up 2 recent teas when shopping with Jodi, DAVIDsTEA The Glow (based on her recommendation) which was quite nice and DAVIDsTea Ginger Beer which was unusual but I think I want more…

I don’t want more empties. I am DONE with empties. At least for 2015. I finished 11 beauty products and10 tea and candles this month.

My 2015 Empties Grand Totals are…

197 beauty products and 99 tea and  candles.

Phew. And yes, I wish I had used up 3 more beauty products and 1 more bag of tea! Silly uneven numbers!

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