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David’s Tea: Organic Superberry and Paradise Found


As I try to stay away from juice and stick to water, I find myself drinking a lot more tea these days. It doesn’t hurt that my work has a convenient kettle in my office so a fresh mug is never more than a few minutes away. As I delve into loose leaf teas, I really love the ones offered by David’s Tea, and today I have two older ones of mine to share. These were purchased in July, but between moving and not having a kettle at home, I haven’t really taken advantage of them until lately, along with the three I purchased more recently and reviewed not too long ago. One of these is definitely more of a hit than the other for me, but here are my thoughts on Organic Superberry and Paradise Found. Both are predominately black teas with some caffeine in them, though Organic Superberry has a higher level (2) in comparison to Paradise Found (1).

organic superberry tea davidsteaOrganic Superberry has a very strong blueberry scent that initially attracted me to it and while that’s maintained in the flavour, there’s also an almost medicinal nature to it that means it’s probably not one that I’ll buy again in the future. Something in it reminds me of that cherry Hall’s flavour, it’s just a bit off, it may be the juniper berries or acai powder in it. I also didn’t add sugar to this, so I may have to try it again with a dash of that, but I definitely prefer teas with a natural sweetness and I was surprised not to get with this one. I actually picked up Organic Superberry for M in the first place, and I think he also prefers Paradise Found. David’s Tea also sells a strictly blueberry tea called Blueberry Jam, which I may test out in the future.

paradise found davidstea

Paradise Found is a really strong and fruity tea, and it really is paradise for me! 🙂 It was recommended to me by my lovely friend Kylie when I was visiting New York City, where I picked up both of these teas, and I’m so glad she suggested it because I would have hated to miss out on this seasonal (ie: limited edition) tea that is probably my favourite David’s Tea so far–I still have plenty more to taste. The predominant ingredients in this one are hibiscus, mango, orange, and apple, and it’s a mix of both green and black teas. I really hope they bring this tea back in the future, I’m so sad it was a seasonal selection but had to share my thoughts on it anyway in case you get a chance to try it–just don’t ask for mine, I’m hoarding it.

However, even though Paradise Found isn’t for sale anymore, I just learned that one of the seasonal spring teas offered is called Pom Tango, made with pomegranate and mango, which will hopefully be a new favourite when I get a chance to pick it up! Last time I was there the sales rep recommended Pink Flamingo instead, which as I noted last time, is delicious but much more citrus-y. Hopefully the sweetness of the mango in Pom Tango gives me what I will sadly miss when my Paradise Found runs out.

Overall, I’d call these purchases one hit and one miss, but Paradise Found was such a winner for me I’m willing to forgive my less than perfect experience with Organic Superberry–which wasn’t horrible, but just not one I’d probably buy again in the future.

Anyway, I really enjoy sharing my tea and hopefully I’ll have a chance to pick up that Pom Tango and maybe something else to share with you guys in the near future! Obviously my next tea spurge will be for blogging-related reasons and thus totally justifiable.

Are you drinking any memorable teas at the moment? Be sure to recommend if you are! Thanks!

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