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DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost

DavidsTea_LogoIn continuing my habit of reviewing teas long after they are available, I bring you a DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost from the Winter Collection (check out my haul of it here). I wasn’t planning to drink this one after I finished up Santa’s Secret, but a comment from Jenn about DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost being a better (but non-caffeinated) version of Santa’s Secret meant I had to bump it up and try it next.davidstea white chocolate frost Because I have what one might almost consider too much tea (one would be incorrect) I am trying to focus on finishing up a fewer of my older ones, so it was time to delve into my stash of DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost what see what it was like. However, I will say my lateness at putting together these posts greatly impacts my ability to borrow the appropriate stock photography from the DAVIDsTEA website. I should probably take my own tea photos but at the moment I’m still limiting that to tea I get for review. But back to DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost, which is a minty but slightly sweet tea with ingredients including peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorns, stevia and flavourings (natural and artificial).

davidstea white chocolate frost 2Like most herbal teas, one of the things I appreciate about DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost is the fact that it is difficult to overbrew and still tastes good no matter what. However, I actually find it quite different from Santa’s Secret, as the mint is a lot more obvious and it is less sweet. Perhaps because there is no black tea to round it out, but I mainly get the taste of peppermint with a hint of spice from the peppercorns and sweet creaminess from the chocolate. I don’t actually like mint tea, so I find DAVIDsTEA White Chocolate Frost too heavy on the peppermint to be something I really love but if you are looking for a minty, creamy, wintery tea this is definitely worth trying out if it returns this year.

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