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DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection

DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection 2I should probably admit something, just because I stopped posting DAVIDsTEA hauls on my blog doesn’t mean they stopped happening. I just moved them over to Instagram so I could dig into my tea right away (see my most recent order here). However when the DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection* arrived, it was time for my seasonal review.

DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection 4The DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection contains five teas, two which are returning teas I loved last year, and three new teas I was excited to try. When you purchase the whole collection in a set, you get 25 grams of each tea which is perfect to try them out, as well as 10 Agave Sticks if you like to sweeten your tea. It is cheaper to purchase the teas individually, but you can order less than 50 grams online, and it’s also a much cuter gift this way!

DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection 3DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection includes Coconut Ice, Hard Candy, Just Peachy, Pom Tango and Strawberry Colada. There’s a very strong emphasis on the herbal, fruity tea as well as teas that are delicious iced. It’s really perfect for summer (and I’ll admit, I like it a lot better than the DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection).

DAVIDsTEA Coconut IceLet’s start off with the tea I was dreading and I never would have tried had it not been a part of the DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection set I received, and that’s DAVIDsTEA Coconut Ice. True story, I hate coconut (although the scent more than the actual taste) and while sometimes coconut can ‘hide’ in another tea, a tea with coconut right in the name? Didn’t look good. That said, this actually isn’t a bad tea.

DAVIDsTEA Coconut Ice is a creamy blend of coconut that is quite smooth and not overwhelmingly coconut because of the honeybush which gives it a rooibos flavour undertone as well as cocoa shells. It’s a sweet, light, fairly simple tea that isn’t a standout for me but if you like coconut it’s definitely worth picking up and I bet it would be delicious iced.

DAVIDsTEA Hard CandyOut of the DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection, the tea I had heard the most about before trying it was DAVIDsTEA Hard Candy and I knew why the moment I smelled it. This really smells like sour cherry Jolly Ranchers, which isn’t surprising given an ingredient list that includes sour cherries. However as much as I adore the scent, I actually find the tea doesn’t have the strongest flavour, so this is best steeped for extra long or with extra tea, or both.

The taste of DAVIDsTEA Hard candy is a mix of cherry with a hint of kiwi and coconut, a light and sweet tea that needs no added sugar. I also tried it cold steeped, and it was pretty nice, but again, not quite as strong as I wanted and next time I will add more tea.

DAVIDsTEA Just PeachyThe first returning favourite of the DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection is DAVIDsTEA Just Peachy and I actually still have some of this left from last time but that’s only because I bought so much. I have been drinking it regularly iced mixed with the DT flavour Gogi Pop for a “fruit punch” blend, and there’s a big tin of it in my June Empties (to be posted eventually).

Asides from making a delicious iced tea, DAVIDsTEA Just Peachy is also nice warm. It makes a light, peachy tea that’s fairly sweet and definitely has a juice quality to it. Despite apple being the first ingredient (it often acts as a herbal tea ‘filler’ I find) the peach really does show through, and I don’t find it artificial the way I do White Nectarine.

DAVIDsTEA Pom TangoI just adore the second returning tea, and actually share DAVIDsTEA Pom Tango on Writing Whimsy before (check out my thoughts here). At the time I said, sorry, you can’t pick it up anymore, but luckily that is no longer the case. I was also more concerned about artificial flavours at the time, and although they are still a consideration, I just love this tea so much.

DAVIDsTEA Pom Tango is a fruity mango black tea with the smallest touch of pomegranate. I consumed over 100 grams of this in the past, and I sadly finished this bag while writing this blog post. It’s sweet and caffeinated (important for me lately!) and very yummy.

DAVIDsTEA Strawberry ColadaThe final tea in the DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 Collection is DAVIDsTEA Strawberry Colada which is a bright red hibsicus tea perfect for summer. It’s a very sweet, very tropical herbal tea that does contain sugar because of the dried fruit (both pineapple and coconut) in it, and strawberry is actually pretty far down the ingredient list. Despite that, I really get a strawberry, pineapple, coconut taste, which is still pretty good warm.

As I often do with strawberry teas, I find DAVIDsTEA Strawberry Colada a tad fake, but it’s not overwhelming. It would also be a very refreshing iced tea!

DAVIDsTEA Summer 2015 CollectionI definitely think DAVIDsTEA did a great job with the Summer 2015 Collection and I was pleased to see the return of two of my favourites–Just Peachy and Pom Tango–which are still my favourites out of this collection, although all the teas are pretty good and perfect for summer. Have you picked up any of this collection yet? Let me know which teas you loved if you did!

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