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DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015

DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 3Okay, so yes, I’m excited that it’s spring because we’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of snow and it has finally melted, but there is actually something else I love about the change of seasons, no matter what time of year, and that’s a new DAVIDsTEA Collection! Yes, they often have ‘mini’ collections between seasons, but nothing compares to five new teas they bring out, and I’ve got all of the ones from the DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015* to share with you today.

DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 2Of course, you can buy the five teas loose on their own, and there are also some really cute tins (I got the one for Melon Drop!) but the set I have to share is the official one containing the entire DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 as well as 20 filter bags for tea. Actually, it’s not the entire collection because somehow mine ended up with two White Nectarines, but because it was a PR sample and I have already purchased the missing tea, I did follow up.

DAVIDsTEA Strawberry FieldsFirst up is the only black tea, so it’s great if you want an extra boost of caffeine. DAVIDsTEA Strawberry Fields has a very strong strawberry and cream scent cold, although brewed hot it becomes more strawberry and black tea and less cream (but a softness remains). My main issue with this tea is that the strawberry flavour doesn’t feel 100% authentic, and can be slightly overwhelmed by the black tea base, which gives the tea a touch of bitterness, although I don’t add sugar so that could be easily solved. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of this tea, but I have noticed lately that I tend not to like black berry teas, so if you do then this is definitely one to consider.

DAVIDsTEA Berry PoppinsThe tea I was most excited about is probably DAVIDsTEA Berry Poppins, and it is good, although I actually prefer Berry Refreshing which was released at the same time as the March Tea of the Month but isn’t a part of the Spring collection. Berry Poppins has a berry yoghurt scent to it, although I find the taste is mostly berry with a lightness from the apple it contains, especially when made warm. I also really enjoyed this tea cold-steeped, although the creaminess is a bit unusual, it is still quite tasty.

DAVIDsTEA Melon DropI think my favourite pick out of the entire DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 has to be this one. DAVIDsTEA Melon Drop works great both iced and warm, and it is a heavy herbal tea loaded with fruit. I love it warm, but it would be a very nice iced tea especially during the summer months as it is quite refreshing. The flavour actually isn’t especially strong, but it has a definite melon (especially honeydew) taste to it which is surprisingly authentic. Despite the apple and other ingredients, this is definitely a melon tea most of all.

DAVIDsTEA White NectarineWhen I went in store to purchase the DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015, the tea I grabbed to go is the DAVIDsTEA White Nectarine, because it smelled amazing and had my attention right away. It actually contains apricot instead of nectarine, but the scent and taste combination are a bit of a trick, and it really does taste like nectarine to me. The only issue is that it leaves behind a bit of an artificial flavour. I generally prefer herbal and black teas to white tea, but this is a very sweet peachy fruity one, that is also great for icing during the warmer weather.

DAVIDsTEA Elderflower SpritzThe tea that was missing from my DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 box (hence no pretty bag for the photo) was DAVIDsTEA Elderflower Spritz. This is a very light tea, that works nicely iced and the packaging suggests infusing it into cocktails which I also think would be really nice. It is obviously quite floral, but it is also sweet and the same time, and not too powerful. However, it’s not really as exciting or unique as I was hoping for, and a bit more flowery than I generally prefer. As a result, I end up feeling a bit indifferent over this tea, but if you are looking for one that’s a bit less ‘strange’ than DAVIDsTEA often offers, this might be a good one to pick up.

DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015Obviously the DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015 was not as much of a runaway success for me as the Fall Collection (review here) but my standout picks are Berry Poppins and Melon Drop. I can also already tell you that summer is going to be awesome, because it just launched and it include the return of two favourites of mine, Pom Tango and Just Peachy. Plus, there’s a Hard Candy tea that apparently tastes like Jolly Ranchers!

Have you tried any tea from the DAVIDsTEA Spring Collection 2015? Let me know what you think!

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