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DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig


This tea is actually not available in store anymore, but DAVIDsTEA has a habit of bringing back old teas when the season rolls around again, so since I am just about to finish up my pack of DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig I thought I’d share a couple thoughts as I did!

DAVIDsTEA Spiced FigI grabbed DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig in December during a Winter/Holiday tea haul (you can check out the rest of it here). If you’re interested, you can still grab this tea online in bulk format of 250 g and it also happens to be 20% off. It was a part of the Winter Collection, and it’s a herbal tea that contains no tea leaves at all, just loads of fruits, nuts, and spices such as apples, cranberries, figs, dates, almonds, rose hips, cloves, and vanilla. There’s natural, but no artificial flavouring in it. Because of how big and heavy the fruits and nuts are, I only got a couple cups out of my 20 g bag, so that’s something to keep in mind.

DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig 2After brewing DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig tea, it really does smell like a spiced Christmas cake, with cloves being the strongest scent I get along with some of the dried fruits. It’s a tea that needs to steep for awhile to get its flavour, and I really don’t think you can oversteep (DAVIDsTEA recommends 6-8 minutes). The flavour is this is quite sweet although not super strong, the fig isn’t as present as I would have thought. The main flavours I get are cloves along with a light taste of apple, figs, almonds and cranberries. However this is definitely heavier on the spiced than it is the fig.

Overall, DAVIDsTEA Spiced Fig is an okay tea for me, if you’re looking for a fruitcake in tea form, it’s worth checking out, but given the price and the other teas available, it’s one I’m unlikely to repurchase next year.

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