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DAVIDsTEA Sleigh Ride


Another super late Holiday Collection tea review, just about to finish this one up (one more drink!) so I figured it was time to share my thoughts before it was gone forever. I do try to review most of the teas I finish up, so even though you can’t pick up DAVIDsTEA Sleigh Ride you might be able to next year.

DAVIDsTEA Sleigh RideDAVIDsTEA Sleigh Ride is a fairly predictable holiday tea, with a warming cinnamon, almond and apple type flavour that reminds me of DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch (review here) though I finished that ages ago and can’t compare. In addition to the above ingredients, there’s hibiscus and beetroot (and the lovely pink colour that results in) along with some unexpected fruits such as candied pineapple and candied papaya. There’s also popped rice, coconut, raisin and artificial flavouring.

DAVIDsTEA Sleigh RideLike most herbal teas, DAVIDsTEA Sleigh Ride is easy to brew. It’s also quite sweet on its own and would probably work well for iced tea. This is mainly a fruity tea with the hint of cinnamon tying it together and although it’s nice, a toasty tea for a cold winter day, it’s not something so special and unique that I’ve fallen in love and, especially considering that there’s artificial flavouring, I won’t be rushing to repurchase again next year.

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