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DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float

DavidsTea_LogoDAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float seems like a strange idea to me, but I have a thing where I buy ALL the DAVIDsTEA regardless of how strange it sounds as long as it doesn’t contain too much coconut. So of course I had to try this tea when it was released as a part of the Carnival Collection. It’s not currently for sale but it was originally released in 2012, and then again in 2014, so perhaps this review will once again become relevant in 2016?

DAVIDsTEA Root Beer FloatInitially, DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float smells exactly like root beer to me, I don’t really get the float aspect. In terms of ingredients this contains cinnamon, black tea, white chocolate (which I assume helps add to the creaminess/float aspect), sarsaparilla (to give the root beer taste) and safflowers. There is also natural flavouring.

DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float 2DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float was released during the summer time and I can understand why, this would make a great iced tea. Or even better, add some bubbles for a “tea pop”. However, I drank it warm, which is a bit strange when you think about how realistic it is to root beer and how unappealing warm root beer should be but… I liked it! Although it is slightly creamier brewed than it is from the scent I’d still say this is mainly a root beer tea not a root beer float. I’m not obsessively in love with DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float like I am with many teas from the brand, but it is a lovely black tea that’s smooth to drink, sweet without sweetener and unique enough in my massive tea collection that I’m happy I tried it out.

Would you try DAVIDsTEA Root Beer Float?

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