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DAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong

DavidsTea_LogoI picked up DAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong quite a long time ago because it sounded good, smelled good, and I had heard good things about it. Then I ordered it as an iced tea before I left the store (unsweetened) and let’s just say… I hope it was better warm. So I kinda put off drinking it for awhile because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it but now I finally have so I can share it with you. But first, this cheerful photo of pineapples:

DAVIDsTEA Pineapple OolongDAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong contains oolong, along with pineapple and apircot and some natural flavouring. When you first smell it, it really is a fresh, juicy and delicious pineapple scent, and it brews to a golden yellow shade that’s perfect as well. However, you have to be careful how long you brew the tea for (DAVIDsTEA recommends 4-6 minutes) because it very quickly gets bitter and unpleasant– likely what happened when I ordered it iced at the store.

DAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong qDAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong only tastes light of pineapple to me, and I get more of an overall fruitiness with the oolong flavour. I am not a big fan of oolong tea, so I might be detecting more than average, but the end result is that I long for a pineapple herbal tea, not a pineapple oolong one, which is asking this tea to be something it is not…

If you’re looking for a light oolong with pineapple flavour, definitely grab DAVIDsTEA Pineapple Oolong to try out, but personally, while I like it enough to finish up my bag, I don’t see myself repurchasing in the future.

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