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DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie


Honestly, DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie is a confusing tea for me. I thought I would like it more. It’s full of ingredients and potential– and when I make it for other people, they seem to like it, so I almost feel like it’s a me problem (not a tea problem…) But there it is.

DAVIDsTEA Mom's Apple Pie

Basically, it’s the green tea in DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie that makes it not quite right, and that’s the first ingredient followed by apple, cinnamon and flavouring. The problem is I seem to be very picky about what green tea I like, and this one just doesn’t quite fit it. I much prefer a very similar “tea” without any tea leaves, DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts (review here) which remains a favourite I will probably keep repurchasing despite the artificial flavours. However, I really am trying to avoid artificial flavours and so perhaps I should be grateful that DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie isn’t more of a hit. But like I said… so much potential.

DAVIDsTEA Mom's Apple PieWhen I brew DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie I mainly get the green tea and cinnamon notes and less of the apple. I find it a bit bitter and it would probably benefit from sweetener, though I don’t generally add it to tea. I know that I tend to oversteep green teas and that’s why they are bitter, but I was really careful and have had this multiple times with the same issue. I definitely get more of the apple pie from the scent than from the taste of this tea, and although it’s not horrible and I will finish my little bag of it, I will also not be rushing out to repurchase if it is brought back next fall. Because yes, I’m still reviewing/drinking fall teas, which means you can’t currently buy DAVIDsTEA Mom’s Apple Pie– but if my review has tempted you to get it, it will hopefully be back next fall. Or I can send you the last cup of mine!

How do you feel about green tea?

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