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DAVIDsTEA Haul (9)

DAVIDsTEA Haul 3What better way to follow up my review of the DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection then with a haul where I purchase even more tea? Because I obviously needed another DAVIDsTEA Haul… I’ll have to drink about 10 cups of tea a day and I probably still won’t have finished it all in the next decade. But after the recent car purchase and other expenses, I can safely say this is my last DAVIDsTEA Haul for awhile… so what did I grab?

DAVIDsTEA Haul 2The first two teas in my DAVIDsTEA Haul are the current and previous month’s Tea of the Months. I usually don’t get sucked into trying these all but I am sad to live so far from DAVIDsTEA now and they sounded good so…yup. There’s Ginger Pear, which is a white tea which I usually don’t drink because I tried one once that was bitter and also they are usually expensive (this one is a bit expensive too), but the pear really appealed to me although it is actually only the fifth ingredient. Last month’s tea was Cinnaberry, and I am really liking rooibos more than I used to and this is a cinnamon and berry flavour that smells pretty good.

The main reason I stopped by was for the two new pumpkin teas, but of course Pumpkin Patch was sold out. However I did grab some Pumpkin Cheesecake which I had heard great things about and I’ve tried it already and it is delicious! I was tempted to get more, but I honestly need to finish up a billion teas before I can justify it… or at least wait for DAVIDsTEA to catch me at a weak moment.

DAVIDsTEA HaulFinally, this DAVIDsTEA Haul includes two new releases of tea. There’s The Big Chill which is supposed to be really good for before bed because it contains valerian root, and it does smell a little herbal/medicinal to me but I think it will be great when I inevitably get a cold. I also got some of the Garcina Goodness and it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a Pu’erh tea so that’s exciting and anything with hibiscus is usually good to me.

Well those are my latest in the never-ending series of DAVIDsTea Hauls. Hopefully you won’t see anything until the Christmas collection!

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