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DAVIDsTEA Haul (7) and Drugstore Haul (2)

DAVIDsTEA HaulI know I have a DAVIDsTEA problem and I’m going to have to start drinking about five cups a day (2-3 cups more than I usually do) to make it through the stash I have, but just like I can’t help myself with a good deal on clearance polish at the drugstore, every time I’m near a store DAVIDsTEA just calls my name. The end result was a “mini” DAVIDsTEA and Drugstore Haul.

DAVIDsTEA Haul  2I had a real reason for visiting DAVIDsTEA and that was their frequent Steeper program. You earn 50 grams of free tea (any tea you want!) for every $100 you spend in the store every 3 months, and as you can guess, I qualified. I had missed the email telling me that, so I was in store to check and was planning to grab 50 grams of Grand Cru Matcha, which is $19.50 for that amount, so a great tea to pick up and one I had never bought before because of that. They also had a promo where you got 50 grams of free tea if you bought a travel thermos, which I didn’t have, so I ended up combining for 100 free grams or a $39 value! Not bad. I love the Matcha lattes and can’t wait to use this to make my own.

In addition to my mug and matcha, I grabbed 100 grams of the July Tea of the Month, Magic Dragon, because it sounded really good online and when I finally got to smell it, it smelled amazing! It’s a herbal tea that contains apple, dragonfruit, rosehips and hibiscus and I can’t wait to try it. It was also my last time taking advantage of my 15% off as a result of buying a Steeper earlier this summer. So, I kinda had to do it then.
DAVIDsTEA Haul  3All the polish I picked up was on sale for $3 or less, so admittedly I just grabbed all the shades I really loved, which seems like a good idea until you realize the size of my current polish collection. But we won’t talk about that.

  • I was forced into getting Sinful Colors Amethyst and Cinderella because Kalyn and Sarah are doing a Sinful Saturdays featuring reviews from the polish brand and I only owned four or five shades. So I was basically obligated to grab these two when they were on sale for less than two dollars each. I didn’t have a phone to google swatches but the purple looks really pretty while the blue is a bit sheer.
  • The two Essie shades I picked up for $3 each were Essie As Gold As It Gets, a really pretty top coat that will be great around Christmas, and Essie Blue Rhapsody, a metallic shade I maybe didn’t desperately need but hopefully it’s not streaky cause it looks quite pretty in the bottle.
  • There were a few OPI polishes on for only $2.50, and two in particular caught my attention which are from recent collections. There’s an amazing glitter called OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want! which is actually from the Muppets Collection I shared three shades from here, and OPI Umpires Come Out At Night, from a Major League Baseball collection which looks like a perfect navy blue.

So yes, it was another, probably unnecessary but very fun haul! It should be my last one for awhile–until I find more clearance polish or visit a tea store!

What’s been in your shopping basket lately?

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