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DAVIDsTEA Haul (5)

DAVIDsTEA HaulIf there’s one thing I love it’s unicorns and puppies and nail polish and tea. I guess that is more than one thing. But I’ve been trying to drink up some of my massive tea collection so I feel like I had been pretty good on the purchasing front. Then I realized I was going to be living over an hour away from the closet DAVIDsTEA and on my next visit there I went a little spend-crazy. This DAVIDsTEA Haul is the result!

DAVIDsTEA Haul  2The most important thing in this DAVIDsTEA Haul is The Steeper, because purchasing one means you get a discount on loose leaf tea all summer long (10 or 15%, I can’t remember). Because loose leaf tea isn’t taxed, it’s an extra awesome discount, and as a result I saved about $13 on this purchase (and the Steeper only cost $20!) I’ve been using it to brew my tea for the last couple weeks and although it’s not my favourite thing to clean out I absolutely love how it protects my cup from getting full of tea leaves and it does an awesome job. I also like that it’s clear so you can see the pretty tea brew. Overall a definite successful purchase.

In addition the Steeper, I grabbed four of the five teas in the summer collection–the only one I didn’t grab was Watermelon Mint because I’m not a big fan of minty teas.The ones I did pick up were Shooting Star Fruit, Just Peachy, Mango Fruit Punch, and a full 100 g tin of Sangria.

DAVIDsTEA Haul  3In addition the summer teas, I grabbed a random selection of other things that I liked or were suggested to me in my DAVIDsTEA Haul. Tea is so affordable and it was fun to just pick out things to try that sounded good. I grabbed some Chai Guarana on recommendation of one of the staff (and got a free iced latte of it as a part of the frequent Steeper program) as well as packet of Three Wishes Tea another staff member recommended. Yup, I got help from two people I was in the store so long… I also got Organic La La Lemon cause I’m sure it’ll make fantastic iced tea, and a small packet of Pom Tango because that was the last day they were selling it, and I hadn’t had any since last year. It does have artificial flavours so I only grabbed a bit, but I do love it. Those were all black teas, since I do need my caffeine.

DAVIDsTEA HaulI got two sort of weird teas that sounded interesting in my DAVIDsTEA Haul, which were Mango Lassi (I love anything mango) and Organic Splash!, a green tea. Finally, I got a big refill of my favourite Queen of Tarts (organic) mate tea, which I am totally hooked on courtesy of Sarah at Workaday Ramblings. It’s not pictured but when I went back the next week I also grabbed 100 g of Main Squeeze, another mate tea that is fresh and fruity for summer. I’d say I’m set for tea but the truth is… there’s another tea haul post coming soon.

I love doing tea reviews and I do want to keep up with them on Writing Whimsy so let me know if there’s anything you like to see reviewed first!

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