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DAVIDsTEA Haul (12)

DAVIDsTEA HaulGuys, I have a tea problem. A serious tea problem of which this DAVIDsTEA Haul provides adequate proof. But at least I’m open about it? And as long as I keep drinking the tea, it’s okay to keep buying it…

The products I’m about to share are the results of two different DAVIDsTEA orders, mainly taking advantage of various post-Christmas Web Specials, even though I wasn’t around until way after Boxing Day. I no longer live near a store, so instead I visit the website regularly to see what is new. And these were too good to not take advantage of. I probably need a tea-buying break though… Probably

DAVIDsTEA Haul 5First up in this DAVIDsTEA Haul is the bulk of the tea, which includes three themed sets, each of which contains three teas (25 grams of each) and 10 filters. Since the smallest amount of a single tea you can buy online is 50 grams, I really like that these sets let you try out a few flavours. I already knew that I liked some of the teas included, and the clearance prices made it too tempting not to try the others!

The Healthy Collection includes Organic Detox (which I love and had recently finished), along with Japanese Sencha (not sure about this because it’s basically plain green tea) and Long Life Oolong (which sounded so delicious I actually bought a separate container of it as well).

The Energetic Collection includes Chai Guarana (black tea and mate which sounds very energizing indeed), Chocolate Rocket (I’ve tried before and like, as I really enjoy my mate), and Jungle Ju Ju (another mate I’m surprised I haven’t tried but it sounds fruity and yummy).

Finally, the Romantic Collection includes Read My Lips (a chocolate tea I’ve tried before and liked), Organic Green Seduction (green tea obviously, but there’s pomegranate as well!) and Love Tea #7 (which is apparently being reformulated, but has had my attention for awhile and I really wanted to try it).

DAVIDsTEA Haul 3I also picked up two more discounted teas in my DAVIDsTEA Haul. First was a tin of Long Life Oolong that contains the loose tea already in bags so I figured it would be handy for work and the tea sounds (and smells) amazing. I also got a little stackable cute tin of the Eggnog.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 6The two “major” parts of both orders were not actually tea, but tea accessories. My kettle broke in December and I desperately needed to replace it. I decided to treat myself to this one from Bodum, because it makes 500 mL (perfect for one cup). It also is cordless, has automatic shut-off, and the element is hidden so you don’t have to worry about rust. I’ve used it a lot already and even though you could find a cheaper kettle… I love this one.

I didn’t own a teapot but I wasn’t convinced I needed one…until I saw this one go on sale for $14. It’s so pretty, includes a steeper, and will be handy if I ever make tea for my boyfriend and myself or just want to make a ton of tea at once.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 4Finally, I was really excited to add two Forever Nuts Candles to my DAVIDsTEA Haul. I had smelled these in store and loved them but full price was kinda pricey, so at just under $12 I decided to treat myself. I haven’t burned them yet but they really are delicious… Just like the tea.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 2The last part of my DAVIDsTEA Haul is the FREE TEA. They have an amazing Frequent Steeper program now where you can earn points to cash in for free tea, and I used mine on Grand Cru Matcha which is normally $20 for 50 grams and I got it for free. I love my matcha. Each online order also comes with three free samples, which are a great way to try out or share tea. I was hoping for some from the new Sunshine Collection, but I will definitely still enjoy these. I’m especially happy for Cold 911 (sadly might be useful this winter) as well as Brazillionaire, which I got a sample of before and loved.

Are you still with me? Ha. Well that’s it… for now.

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