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DAVIDsTEA Haul (10)

DAVIDsTEA Haul 3Time for my monthly DAVIDsTEA Haul! Although I have a good excuse this time…and every other time. But seriously, it was time for the yearly release of the DAVIDsTEA Advent calender, and add in the release of the Winter Teas, and I just couldn’t help placing an order.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 2 DAVIDsTEA HaulYou can check out last year’s DAVIDsTEA Advent Calender in this previous haul here, but this year is a similar idea, 24 containers each with about 10 grams of tea which is enough for 3 cups for me usually. The packaging is a blue wintery scene, with a magnetic closure that is actually quite sturdy. These sell out very quickly, so you sadly can’t pick one up now unless you manage to track it down in store, but I definitely recommend checking it out next year if it interests you, it’s a great way to try many teas from the brand and (almost) as tasty as chocolate.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 5To top it up for free shipping, and also because, let’s admit it, I wanted them, I added in three packs of 50 grams of tea to my DAVIDsTEA Haul. The first one is Maple Sugar, which is a delicious part of the fall collection (reviewed here) that I decided I wanted a little more of. I also had wanted to try Pumpkin Patch, but unfortunately it was sold out in store, so I grabbed that, as well as the new winter tea that was most appealing to me, predictably, Apple Custard. DAVIDsTEA Haul 4 As with every online DAVIDsTEA Haul, there were free samples which is always fun. I got Brazillionaire, Toasted Walnut and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (which I really like).

Okay, that’s it, I promise to be good until the next collection!

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