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DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha 2The tea I’m sharing today is one that’s pretty special to me, and that’s because I actually drink DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha* almost every single day. I’ve featured in my empties posts in February and April, and it won’t be the last time. Matcha from DAVIDsTEA is grown in Nishio, Japan. It has a bright green colour and it’s actually a super-fine powder, there are no whole tea leaves!

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru MatchaThere are different grades of matcha depending on what you use it for, and DAVIDsTEA carries three. I’ve only tried DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha so far, but they recently launched some flavoured matchas as well. There’s a mint, mocha and vanilla option, which blend matcha with coconut nectar and flavouring. These matchas are definitely sweeter, so they work great for lattes as they also are very easy to break up. Traditionally, you prepare matcha using a bamboo whisk. I’ve bought both DAVIDsTEA Mocha Matcha and DAVIDsTEA Vanilla Matcha, and they are tasty and a great introduction to matcha, although I still prefer DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha. The highest grade, Ceremonial Matcha really has my attention, but it was sold out last time I stocked up using my Frequent Steeper points.

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru MatchaThere are SO many ways you can use matcha, from cookies to lattes to my personal favourite, smoothies. That’s actually how I get my daily dose of DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha, because I love to have a green smoothie with it every morning! The flavour of matcha is creamy and slightly bittersweet, so I generally add sweetener if I’m just drinking it on its own, but adding it to fruit also helps.

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha 5Green smoothies are usually referring to the inclusion of vegetables, but my smoothie has that too. I add a few cups of spinach, a handful of mango, a tablespoon of chia seeds, 1/2 cup of keifer (usually mango-flavoured to add sweetness), a generous teaspoon of DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha and then enough water to blend!

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha 4My resulting DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha is filled with great flavour and great ingredients. I adore the matcha mango combination, and you can’t even tell there is spinach in there. It is super filling, and the matcha helps wake me up for the day. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I don’t like heavy breakfasts, so I love blending one of these up and taking it to work with me where I drink it over an hour or two.

DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha 3Of course, a smoothie is just one way to use DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha! I actually have my eye on the Matcha Maker from DAVIDsTEA, which is a new product that makes it easy to shake-and-sip matcha. There are lots of matchas available, but not all of them are good for everything, and the thing I love about DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha is that because it’s such a high grade, you can drink it, blend it, cook it, and it will always tastes great.

Have you tried matcha yet?

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