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DAVIDsTEA Fruite Mate Tea Review

DavidsTea_LogoTea time! It’s been awhile. Well, this is something different. I really enjoyed the last two maté teas I tried (Cocoa Canela and Chocolate Rocket, reviews of both still needed) but they were both chocolate flavoured so when a labmate brought in another sampler pack (DAVIDsTEA The World Tour) that included DAVIDsTEA Fruite Mate Tea, I jumped right on it.

Maté (which I’m spelling as mate because the internet hates accents) is a new type of tea to me, but I love it, especially in the morning as it gives a nice boost of energy. DAVIDsTEA describes it as “sweet, toasty, smoky and smooth. This South American super-herb is packed with antioxidants and energy-giving stimulants.

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DAVIDsTEA Fruit Mate Tea is sweet enough from the fruit that I didn’t find any sweetener was needed (but then, I rarely do) however it definitely isn’t super sweet like some of my other teas (such as DAVIDsTEA Pom Tango) and does have a bit of a grassiness to it.

The tea is organic and ingredients listed are organic yerba mate from Brazil, organic pineapple, organic papaya, organic calendula, organic safflower, and organic compliant flavour. It’s not the kind of tea you want to steep for too long (although I love steeping my teas forever!) because mate does get bitter. I do love fruity teas, and you can definitely taste the pineapple and papaya in DAVIDsTEA Fruite Mate Tea, but if you like sweeter teas you’d probably want to add some sugar to this one. I think this tea would also work iced, although my sample isn’t big enough to give that a try.

Although DAVIDsTEA Fruite Mate Tea is no longer available, they do have a decent selection of other mate teas you can check out here and in stores. The closest one to DAVIDsTEA Fruit Mate Tea that I can find is their Jungle Ju Ju Tea, which has peach instead of pineapple and which I will probably pick up 20 g of to test out when I’m finally off my tea no buy!

Did you try DAVIDsTEA Fruite Mate Tea when it was originally available? What about other mates? Let me know what you think, as I am quite a mate fan these days and definitely plan to pick up more in the future.

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