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DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection

IT’S HERE! Although it often gets overshadowed by beauty and polish on Writing Whimsy, I am absolutely in love with tea and in particular I drink a ton of DAVIDsTEA so I was really excited about the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection which was finally released today! I thought I would share the new seasonal (ie: limited edition!) flavours and let you know which ones I’m planning to pick up.

DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2

There are 5 teas in the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection, each inspired by a different baked good! Also, unlike the Summer Collection a couple of these appear to be free of artificial flavours 🙂 I’ll indicate them with a *

They are:

Pumpkin Chai: It’s got all the warmth of cinnamon, pumpkin pieces, cloves and cardamom, plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy.

Mom’s Apple Pie: This tea will bring you right back to your childhood. Thanks to the spicy aroma of cinnamon, the sweet smell of apples baking in the oven and the fresh green tea blend.

*Sugar and Spice: With the warm aromas of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, it smells and tastes like a spice cake fresh out of the oven.

*Pistachio Cream: Pistachios are definitely one of a kind. And when you blend them with super-healthy mulberry leaves, you get a blend that’s not only decadently delicious – it’s also incredibly good for you.

Cocoberry: Try this intriguingly rich black tea. It’s laced with all kinds of delicious jungle treasures, from dark coffee beans and energizing yerba maté to tart hibiscus, fruity mango and super-healthy açaipowder.

The only tea that I know 100% sure is free of artificial flavours is Sugar and Spice, Pistachio Cream isn’t clearly indicated but I’ll be checking in store. I will definitely be picking up Sugar and Spice though, and maybe a small package of Mom’s Apple Pie to try anyway, since I can’t seem to resist apple tea (thank you Istanbul for that!)

In addition to five seasonal teas, the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection includes several collectable tins, as well as special mugs, teapots, and tea cups such as this one with leaves that changes colours when it gets warm (I’m quite tempted by it as well!)

DAVIDsTEA FALL COLLECTIONAre you interested in picking up any of the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection? Let me know!

You can see the entire DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection, as well as order from it, on their website here.

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