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DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014

DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014I love everything about fall except the fact that it’s followed by winter. I especially love big mugs of warm tea, and it’s pretty clear from all the hauls and reviews I do, but DAVIDsTEA is a brand I love a lot. Rather than share separate posts with each tea in the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014*, I decided to do one big roundup so you could see them all while they are still available and decide which ones you need (hint: ALL OF THEM).

DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 2The DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 contains 5 teas, and there are two herbals, two black teas, and one rooibos. These are definitely sweeter and more apple and cinnamon teas overall, which makes perfect sense given the season. When you buy the full collection, it also comes with 20 tea filters which make brewing loose leaf tea even easier. DAVIDsTEA also sells a Perfect Spoon* which is what I used to brew the teas.

DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai 2First up in the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 is a returning classic, DAVIDsTEA Pumpkin Chai. I actually reviewed this tea last year (so you can check out a more detailed review here) but my thoughts haven’t changed. It is a very warming, delicious tea with the spice of pumpkin pie from cinnamon and cloves, as well as a sweet pumpkin candy flavour that would also make an amazing latte. It’s a great tea and I hope DAVIDsTEA continues to bring it back each year so I can pick some up, because it is the perfect tea for fall.

DAVIDsTEA Maple Sugar DAVIDsTEA Maple Sugar 2The second black tea from the DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 is a super sweet one that might be my favourite out of the five, and that’s DAVIDsTEA Maple Sugar. It has a sugary, mapley, lovely warming taste that gives it a sweet fall flavour as well as a caffeine boost. I always love teas that are difficult to over-steep as well and for me this qualifies. It tastes like dessert! I may go back for a 100 g tin…

DAVIDsTEA Yes We Cran DAVIDsTEA Yes We Cran 2I expected a strict cranberry tea from DAVIDsTEA Yes We Cran, but it is actually quite strong on the apple. Brewed, it’s a dark red due to the hibiscus, which is a shade that definitely says fall to me. The end result is a hibiscus, cranberry apple tea with some spices. It’s a nice herbal option, but not the standout of the DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection for me. It is organic though, so if that is important to you it might be worth checking out. Or if you are like me and must try ALL the DAVIDsTEAs, you won’t regret trying this one too.

DAVIDsTEA Sweet Apple Cider DAVIDsTEA Sweet Apple Cider 2As much as I adore Maple Sugar, the tea I was actually most excited to try was DAVIDsTEA Sweet Apple Cider. I really love warm apple cider, and a tea that promised that without the hassle of making it or all the calories seemed like a perfect match. I do think the name perfectly describes this, as it smells exactly like classic apple cider, fresh and sweet and juicy. The description on the bag says the only thing missing is the cinnamon stick, and there is no cinnamon in it, this is really a pure apple tea that reminds me what I drank when I was in Turkey. It is very sweet on its own and doesn’t need anything added…except maybe that cinnamon stick. Perfect apple cider alternative.

DAVIDsTEA Snickerdoodle DAVIDsTEA Snickerdoodle 2The final tea from the DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection is another cookie flavour which the brand does so well, and that’s DAVIDsTEA Snickerdoodle. It’s a rooibos tea that really tastes like a sweet cookie. It’s actually so sweet I don’t think I would drink it daily, but it would be nice treat on a cold night. It’s a mix of warm cinnamon along with butterscotch, and would be a great tea choice for people who don’t like tea. I also really want to try this one as a tea latte. I clearly definitely need to make more tea lattes!

DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 3When you buy the full DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection in a set, it also comes with 20 filter bags. I actually stocked up a bit on the old style when they were on sale and being discontinued, so I hadn’t tried these new ones yet and honestly, they are so much better! They are easy to compost, easy to use, and don’t need to be cleaned, so it’s perfect for some lazy loose leaf tea brewing (or when you have many people wanting different flavours). I also own a steeper which I like, but I just find these so handy.

DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection 2014 4That’s it for the DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection! Five great teas, and I will be drinking all of them up! My standout favourite is DAVIDsTEA Maple Sugar, but I really loved them all and will definitely be drinking them up over the next month or two… just in time for the Winter and Holiday Collection!

Have you tried any teas from the DAVIDsTEA Fall 2014 Collection? Which ones have your attention?

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