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DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 Teaware

DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 Teaware 2I’m always so excited by a new seasonal collection from DAVIDsTEA and I’ve heard online whispers that the Halloween collection is being launched today…if it is, you’re enchanted into making an order, you just might want to include one of these new pieces of DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 Teaware!

DAVIDsTEA Grey Birch Trees Nordic Mug DAVIDsTEA Grey Birch Trees Nordic Mug 2The first piece of DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 Teaware I have is the DAVIDsTEA Grey Birch Trees Nordic Mug*.  Those familiar with DT will know that the brand usually makes two different mug styles, “Perfect” and “Nordic”. I own a couple DAVIDsTEA mugs and they all belong to the Nordic family–you can check out my adorable balloon mug in this haul. The Nordic mugs have a rounded style I prefer, and they also hold more tea, which is quite important!

Both styles of mug include a strainer that makes it easy to brew loose leaf tea, and a lid that can keep your tea warm, or be used as a coaster for the strainer. Every season there are new limited edition mug designs, and for Fall I really love the DAVIDsTEA Grey Birch Trees Nordic Mug. The dark grey is classic and sleek, and the mix of metallic for the designs is pretty cool. Plus there’s a cute little bird hiding inside the mug!

DAVIDsTEA Silver Lock Top Travel Mug 2 DAVIDsTEA Silver Lock Top Travel MugAs much as I love my Nordic mug, when you want to take tea on the go you need something a bit more travel-friendly. For Fall 2015 there is a new design of travel thermos available, and I have the DAVIDsTEA Silver Lock Top Travel Mug*. It is also available in in a gorgeous Stormy Blue, Jade and Lilac. I’ve own two different styles of travel mug from DAVIDsTEA, and what I love about this new one is that you can lock the lid shut, but once you unlock it you hit a button and it automatically pops up. When locked, the tea is very secure inside and no amount of shaking I tried caused any to spill.

DAVIDsTEA Silver Lock Top Travel Mug also has a metal mesh cap that screws onto the strainer, so if you aren’t somewhere you can dump your tea, none of it comes back up while you are drinking. If you do want to take out the strainer, but can’t toss the tea, you can also screw it off with the cap. Finally, this mug does an amazing job keeping tea warm–I brewed mine and left it over night, and it was the perfect temperature in the morning.

DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 TeawareWhether you’re looking for a mug to use at home, or one to take with you throughout the day, the new DAVIDsTEA Fall 2015 Teaware has you covered. There are plenty of colour and design options, so it comes down to personal preference, but in terms of the product itself, I was really impressed with both of these.

Are you lured into new seasonal releases from DAVIDsTEA like I am? I can’t wait to see what they do for Halloween!

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