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DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela Tea Review


Well it’s been ages since I reviewed a tea here on Writing Whimsy (apparently August), and I admit that I didn’t even drink a lot of it in the month of October (hence no tea empties!) However it’s November now and the weather is getting sadly colder so it’s time for tea again I think, starting with DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela.

davidstea coco canela

DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela is an organic tea and although I think it is being discontinued sadly, you may still be able to find it in some stores. I also figure it’s good to write up my review so I can use it for future comparisons later. There’s no artificial flavouring in this one, which I like, although admittedly I keep getting swept up by seasonal teas even with fake flavours in them. The ingredients include maté, carob, cocoa nibs, cinnamon and chocolate. I definitely find this to be a tea where the maté flavour is more subtle and you get more of the cocoa and cinnamon instead.

I love this tea brewed on its own as it definitely doesn’t need sugar, but I’ve also made DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela by adding a touch of almond milk on the suggestion of my stepmom, and it basically turns it into a kind of spicy Mexican hot chocolate. You could also use regular milk as well (that was her suggestion) but I don’t drink it and I think the nutty flavour of almond milk is actually pretty nice.

Although DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela Tea is no longer available online, they do have a decent selection of other mate teas you can check out here and in stores. The closest one to DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela is probably Chocolate Rocket, which I’ve tried once and also enjoyed although it isn’t organic and does have artificial flavours. I really do enjoy the energy that maté teas provide and I definitely plan to keep trying the offerings of DAVIDsTEA if I can get to them faster than they discontinue (see DAVIDsTEA Fruit Mate Tea).

In the colder weather I definitely find myself reaching for warmer teas with chocolate in them, so I suspect you’ll see a few other reviews with profiles similar to DAVIDsTEA Cocoa Canela, but I really did enjoy this one, and after finishing up 50 g of it I’m sad to say goodbye.

What kind of tea do you drink during the colder months?

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