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DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea Review


This tea smells straight up like cinnamon hearts, and I keep getting fooled into thinking teas will taste exactly like the smell, which isn’t quite the case. Once brewed, DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea has less of a strong cinnamon flavour to it, it’s not spicy like I expected given the name. It definitely does taste like cinnamon, especially in combination with the scent you get while drinking it, but it’s just not as intense as I expected and it is quite sweet, definitely doesn’t need any sugar! The taste is a lot softer than the smell although there is a bit of that cinnamon intensity in the aftertaste.
DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart 2

I got DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea in a box of teas from around the world that somebody at work brought in for me to drink, so I’m pretty sure it’s not one I would have picked up for myself, but I was excited to try it and enjoyed it. I will admit I can’t see myself rebuying it, just because there are so many other teas to try and if I do repurchase, there are teas that I like more. That’s a good thing though as the ingredients do include artifical flavours, which I am trying to avoid in my tea. But not so much that I wouldn’t drink the tea, since nobody else in my lab would and I like trying and reviewing new teas!

DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon HeartDAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea is a pu’erh tea, which I’ve only tried once before (Berry Good, see my review here) although what I thought of as the “pu’erh flavour” was a lot less noticeable here, probably because of the cinnamon as well as the fact that it also contains black tea. Like Berry Good, it was a light tea, although quite sweet. The tea also contains lemon, cloves, and cinnamon. However, I prefer Berry Good over DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea because of its fruitiness, and also because it doesn’t have artificial flavouring in it.

Will you be testing out DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Heart Tea or do you already have a favourite cinnamon tea? I think I’d be okay with cinnamon, as long as there were apples involved. I love my apple tea!

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