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DAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone


Finally, a review of a tea you can still purchase! DAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone is from the latest Carnival Collection which I picked up every single tea out of (see my haul here) because of research purchases. And blogging. It wasn’t my fault okay?DAVIDsTEA Cherry SnowconeDAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone is a caffeine-free, herbal tea that would be awesome iced (sadly I don’t really have the set up/ice for iced tea at the moment) or warm, which is how I am currently drinking it. Well, at this exact moment it’s a big lukewarm, but originally, it was hot. The ingredient list includes hibiscus, rose hip peel, apple, currants, elderberry, two kinds of cherries and lemongrass. Unfortunately there’s also sugar crystals and natural cherry, however the tea is not super sweet despite that I imagine that it would be very tart with the cherries without so I understand their inclusion.

DAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone 2Something about DAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone really reminds me of fake cherry candies or syrup, even though it’s not actually a sweet tea. I am fine without adding sweetener to it, but I can see why people might want to. It’s great during the summer time (I definitely want to try it iced) but I can imagine this being delicious and warming during the winter as well. This is definitely an example of a tea I like more the more I drink, and even writing this review has me tempted to pick up a tin…

How does DAVIDsTEA Cherry Snowcone  sound to you?

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