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DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake

DavidsTea_LogoI was recently checking out a post of my tea collection from over a year ago and I’m embarrassed to say that not all those teas have been consumed yet. Yikes. I’m also not-quite-willing to do an updated collection because I honestly have just that much tea. But I figured I should start focusing my efforts on some of the older ones, as well as reviewing the ones I haven’t, and I decided to start that off with DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake.

DAVIDsTEA Birthday CakeDAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake is a warm, sweet, red and green rooibos tea that also contains honeybush, freeze-dried ice cream bits, sprinkles and flavouring. So this is definitely not a super natural tea, but if you compare it to actually eating a slice of birthday cake, it is way fewer calories and junk in it, so I don’t feel too bad having it as the occasional treat. This is a sweet tea though, I mean there are sprinkles in it, so I definitely don’t need to add any sugar.

DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake 2As a rooibos, DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake is caffeine-free. I honestly think this would make a delicious tea latte as well, when drinking it I get the flavours of rooibos combined with cream and vanilla. As a fruity tea lover, DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake isn’t one I reach for often, but if it is definitely one that was fun to try. What do you think of a tea that tastes like birthday cake?

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