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DAVIDsTEA and MAC Haul 2As I mentioned in my Sunday Summary, I did a little shopping during a recent visit to see Jodi. Actually, the DAVIDsTEA half of this haul happened on my walk to her apartment when I saw the summer sale and just couldn’t resist. But then we went to the mall and each bought two MAC lipsticks, because that’s what beauty bloggers do!

DAVIDsTEA and MAC HaulWhen it came to the DAVIDsTEA Summer Sale, I picked up a container of the DAVIDsTEA Hard Candy tea, which I liked when I reviewed it but felt like it needed a stronger flavour iced, so I figured having a nice big tin of it would help me accomplish that!

I also grabbed a second package of DAVIDsTEA Pink Passionfruit. I made this tea iced and it was DELICIOUS. Making a whole jug of iced tea uses quite a bit, so at 20% off I thought I’d pick up another pack.

I generally don’t like white teas, but DAVIDsTEA Cherry Blossom is one I really enjoyed, but as I wrote in my empties, it was a bit pricey. So for 40% off, I was practically forced to grab another tin!

DAVIDsTEA and MAC Haul 4Then there were teas that weren’t on sale but were brand new (and I do have a summer-long 15% off discount from buying a pitcher). I had an iced DAVIDsTEA Peach Matcha latte in store and it was so yummy I immediately bought a whole tin of it, although 100 grams is actually not that much as it is quite a heavy tea. Then I also got 20 grams of the Mango Match and Blueberry Matcha flavours to try.

I really love my matcha, and these have added sugar in them, but to be honest I would probably have to sweeten matcha to drink it on its own (at least mixed with my unsweetened almond milk) so I thought it would be fun to give these fruity blends a try.

DAVIDsTEA and MAC Haul 3Finally, I picked up two MAC lipsticks. The first one had been on my shopping list for awhile, but a bad experience in the store had lead me to wait. In store, I actually decided to try on Twig to compare to Fast Play, because I heard they were similar. The sales consultant said yes, except Twig is WAY nicer, but when she saw it on me she actually said she’d never seen Fast Play look so great. I absolutely love it and although I may try Twig again in the future, I’ve already gotten complimented the first time I wore MAC Fast Play. Review coming shortly!

I only planned to pick up one lipstick, but after Jodi tried on MAC Craving it looked so good on her I had to give it a try and… I’m not sure if it looks as good on me, but it’s a gorgeous shade and now we are lipstick twins. We’ll both be posting about it on the same day next week 🙂

That’s it for my little DAVIDsTEA and MAC haul! I am awful about blogging DAVIDsTEA hauls because I buy from there so often, but I usually post them on instagram. I’ve now got a total of 7 MAC lipsticks so it might be time for a collection post. What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? I’m not sure which one is next on my wishlist!

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