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DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch Tea

Well I was being pretty good about buying tea and whatnot but lately that has gone out the window and I think it’s time to refocus. I’m going to do some kind of updated tea collection soon I think, that way I can share my Europe tea goodies, but in the meantime I’m going to focus on drinking more tea (I hadn’t been drinking as much lately) and enjoying what I have. There was just one serving left in my advent calender tin of DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch tea, so I started there.


DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch Tea is a rooibos blend, so that means caffeine free and it is also filled with coconut, apple, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almonds, and sadly artificial flavouring. I admit that I haven’t been too careful on the flavouring front these days, but it’s something I do want to pay more attention to in the new year or whenever I can justify buying tea again. I get sucked into Limited Edition flavours, even with artificial flavouring, and although I buy small packets and don’t drink a ton of it, I have so many that it’s basically the same thing.

DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch Tea

In terms of DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch Tea, it’s sweet and easy to drink, definitely doesn’t require any sugar and I think it would be hard to over-steep. There is a faint taste of coconut, which I don’t like, but you mostly get the rooibos flavour along with the apple and spices. Because it’s caffeine free, this tea also makes a great before bed option. To me, it feels like a warming tea, so I can understand why this was a part of the winter collection.

DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch Tea 2Overall, I really like DAVIDsTEA Alpine Punch, but when it comes to warm, nutty, apple teas my heart still belongs to Forever Nuts. However this is a really nice seasonal tea, especially if you like rooibos, and it’s still in stock so I recommend checking it out if it interests you.

What’s your favourite tea to drink in winter?

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