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David’s Tea: Mulberry Magic & David’s Organic Breakfast


A friend at work who doesn’t drink tea at home brought in a David’s Tea gift set with 12 different teas, it’s their “Around The World” collection, and said I was welcome to use it. It was a great opportunity to test out a few different teas I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to try and the first two of these were Mulberry Magic and David’s Organic Breakfast. I’m not sure how many of the twelve I’ll end up trying but here are my thoughts on these two. mulberry magic david's tea

The first David’s Tea I tried out was Mulberry Magic because it instantly caught my attention with its scent. It was the tea of the month in March 2011 and is a simple herbal and therefore caffeine-free tea containing only mulberry leaf, organic macadamia nuts and some natural flavouring. Drinking it I got a nutty sweetness where I could definitely taste the macadamia nut flavour. It was a really strong flavour for a tea, not one of the lighter ones David’s Tea makes like Organic Berry Good. It was also a pretty unusual flavour, different than any of the other teas I’ve tried from there. I definitely enjoyed it but I’m not sure if I’d purchase… maybe someday I’ll get a weird craving for it and have to buy a small bag from David’s Tea.

david's organic breakfast tea

After Mulberry Magic, I tested David’s Organic Breakfast, a combination of black teas from China and India with the perfect medium boost of caffeine. I guess this would be the official breakfast tea of David’s Tea, and I’ve definitely been reminded then that I don’t like breakfast teas. I was drinking this (and not enjoying it) and finally decided to dump out the second half of my cup. The flavour just wasn’t one for me, even as I could pretty much tell there was nothing wrong with it.

While Mulberry Magic had a unique flavour I’d never tried before, David’s Organic Breakfast reminds of the tea I would sometimes drink at the continental breakfasts at hotel, nondescript and boring. While the David’s Tea option does have more complexity and depth than those packaged ones, it just doesn’t have anything to keep me coming back, or even keep me finishing my cup. If you’re looking for a simple, straight, black tea though, it may be worth giving David’s Organic Breakfast a try.

Overall, Mulberry Magic and David’s Organic Breakfast are two teas I’m pretty glad I didn’t buy a huge bag of and just had an opportunity to taste without purchasing. I may end up buying Mulberry Magic which is a very specific, but delicious, tea but I will not be starting my day with David’s Organic breakfast–though maybe you should! These David’s Tea collections are a great way to try a bunch of teas and I’ll be sure to share if I end up testing out any of the remaining teas in the “Around the World” set.

Have you tried anything unexpected lately, and loved it? Do you have a breakfast tea you’d recommend if I’m willing to give them another try?

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